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6 Steps For A Peaceful Home- Stop The Chaos

When it comes to having a peaceful home, we all need that sense of inner peace. But what happens if you're struggling with this? There are many reasons why homes may become chaotic- but there is always something that can be done about these situations. 

Everyone wants a peaceful home. No one sets out to live in chaos. If you’ve lost a sense of peace in your home, there’s a good chance something is happening that simply needs to be assessed and remedied. Plus, in a lot of our situations- everyone is home all the time now. 

With no time for anything besides work and family responsibilities, people often neglect other areas such as their social lives, which leads them to an unhealthy lifestyle that only adds more stress.  That is me! I want a clean house, but after doing everything else, I am tired, but I also feel no one else's cares, so at that point, I give up. 

If any of you have gone through the struggle or know someone who has been experiencing this situation and would like some advice on how they could solve their problem and others, then continue reading below!

Assess Each Room 

When you're feeling overwhelmed, and the house is chaotic, it's time to take a step back. Assessing your home room by room can help point out what might be causing this problem (whether that’s an overwhelming life change or some potential functionality issues).

One of these issues may be at play-
  • Lack of space for belongings
  • Untidy spaces that need cleaning
  • Too many items crammed in limited spaces
  • Deferred maintenance issues (Things that are broken or neglected)
  • Outdated spaces that need modernizing
Just the other day, I told my husband I hate going into the Laundry Room because it is so chaotic in there- the kids have their clothes everywhere, and I have no idea if they are clean or duty. 

Use these steps to assess your home and look for common issues so you can formulate a plan for correction.

Step 1. Review each room in your home. Take note of what you like about the room. Consider what you do not like.

Step 2. Consider the functionality of the room. Is there adequate storage? What storage solutions would help make the room more functional?

Step 3. Is everything in the room in working order? Does anything need repair or replacement?

Step 4. Assess the room for cleanliness. Does the room need a deep clean or purge? Are there unused or unnecessary items that should be removed?

Step 5. Consider the aesthetics. Does the room need updating or remodeling? What would you like to change?

Step 6. Formulate a plan for each room. Begin with cleaning, purging, organizing, and d├ęcor needs.

Seems to be a lot, but really it's not! Grab a notebook and answer the above questions, plus put your ideas in the notebook. 

The process of going through your home and making mindful assessments about what you like, dislike, or need to change can be a very therapeutic experience. It is also the first step in creating an organized space that reflects who you are and those closest to you. 

After following these steps, your home will soon feel much more peaceful--a better reflection of who you are and how well it reflects those closest with whom share its walls.

Finally, I want to leave you with a few tips that may help make this process easier. First of all, be honest about what works and doesn’t in each room, then begin solving the problems specific to that area. Then once you have solved those problems for one space at a time, move on to another; don’t try tackling too many projects ahead of yourself, or else it will become overwhelming! 

The second tip- find ways to simplify your life by getting rid of things you no longer need or use (or simply can't remember why they're there). This not only helps declutter your home but also reduces stress because, let's face it, we live in an age where our lives are constantly being filled up with new.

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