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5 Reasons Your Kids Should Play Pickleball

 Did you know that pickleball was created by a bunch of dads just for their kids who had gotten bored of everything else? What was previously a fun game for kids is rapidly growing into a well-loved and well-respected game, with pickleball courts being opened up as far as in Europe.

Even though old people and kids are the ones benefiting from pickleball the most, mainly because of the opportunity it provides for socialization and how it’s easy on the joints. As parents, you care about the wellbeing of your children and to keep them physically active, but you don’t want them hurting themselves either. Well, in a game like Pickleball, the chances of being hurt are slim. 

Let’s talk about five reasons why your kids should play Pickleball, and why you should too! It’s a game for everyone. 

  1. It’s Easy to Learn 

Pickleball is easy to learn and improve on, especially for kids. You can go onto the court on day one and end it with a full game without even breaking a sweat. The more your kids play the game, the better they’ll get at it. 

While the last part is true for every sport, Pickleball isn’t as demanding and it won’t take up all of their time to improve their skills. 

  1. The Equipment is Cheap 

The equipment for pickleball is easy on the pockets, especially for how fun the game is. You can get the ball for less than $10, and the racquet can be anything from $20 to $150 depending on what quality you want. You can visit Pickleballin to learn more about the equipment you’ll need. If you’re worried about where your kids will play, don’t. You can set up the court anywhere you want, as long as the surface is flat. 


Another great benefit of the game is that you can even set up temporary courts wherever you like, just with a little tape and a portable net. You can even decorate the courts to add a mascot or team logo. Creating special tennis court windscreens can add a special touch to your game.

  1. You Can Play With Them 

The generation gap between Millennials and their kids has been tough for many parents to cross, but maybe Pickleball is the way to go. It would be more fun than game night, and your kids might even look forward to it more. Being a game for all ages, you can even let grandma and grandpa join in on the fun! 

The close proximity of the players during the game will allow you the perfect opportunity to talk to your kids while they’re happy and pumped up from the game. 

  1. Fast Games 

If you want your kids staying fit without spending too much time on sports, this game is the perfect one for them. Since it requires a court that’s almost 1/3rd that of a tennis court, and because of how short the games are, it’ll be easy for your kids to play at home between study breaks or for you to play with them a little after work. 

  1. Competitions 

Sports competitions and other events are a great way for shaping your kids for the future. They teach them the importance of trying their best, how to gracefully accept defeat, and how amazing it feels to win. If you want your kids to compete but aren’t sure what would be best for them, give pickleball a shot, you won’t regret it!

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