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Wine Insiders: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift for All Moms Who Love Wine #MBPMOMSDAY21 #REVIEW


Thank you to Wine Insiders for providing product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

In my college years, I had the opportunity to spend a summer studying abroad in Dijon, France. While the main intent of my stay was to learn the language and culture, I also had the opportunity to travel across their beautiful country, which included the Bourgogne region. This region, known to us as the Burgundy region, houses many wonderful centuries-old vineyards and is famous for its wines. 

Thus, began my journey learning about the differences between white, red, and rose wines. I must admit, that while I like wine, these days digestion issues prevent me from drinking more than a glass or so here and there, so I am very careful about my wine selection. If I'm going to spend the money, the time, the energy, and potentially deal with the affects later, I want it to be a good wine that I enjoy at the time. 

Perhaps your family is the same way? If you are looking for a great way to taste new wines, have them selected for you, and not spend too much time or effort into your selections, check out Wine Insiders. 

Wine Insiders is an online service that will ship great wines directly to your door!  Offering Wine Club Memberships, delivery services, individual bottles or cases, Wine Insiders has all of your gifting needs covered. With three curators sampling wines, Wine Insiders only selects about 3% of the best wines across the world that ship to your home. For now, let’s break down the Wine Insiders review based on the following criteria.

The Insiders Club would be a great Mother's Day Gift this year, especially if the Mom in your life is a wine lover! A case of 12 beautiful wines is shipped every 12 weeks for $89. The Insiders Club also sends information about the producers, wines, and tasting notes in your package. Choose reds, whites, or mixed cases. Club memberships can be easily canceled and offer free shipping. 

Shop for a Wine Set and you might find a fabulous deal on French, Spanish, Best- Sellers, Favorites, and much more! Cases can be bought in full (12 bottles) or half (6 bottles).  

Maybe you really only need a couple bottles but still want something fabulous? Shop all of the Wine Insiders Varietals to find something your mom will absolutely love this year! 

Shipping Info: Wine Insiders does have a minimum 3 bottle shipping policy and shipping is $14.95. Shipping is free for 6+ bottles. Due to state laws, Wine Insiders is unable to ship to Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah and is unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. Shipments must be signed for by a person 21+ and can be redirected to any Fed-Ex Hold At Location designated by the customer. 

Sidenote- The Hold- At location is great because, if you are out of town, the Hold- At Location keeps your package until you can retrieve it. Most locations do have a maximum hold time, so check that out if you know you will be traveling! I recently used this for my own package and it was super easy to do!

Wine Insiders sent me a mixed- half case, known as the Fairytale Fantasy Half-case. In my well-packaged box, with crates to hold the bottles in place, I received a Haraszthy Family Cellars Rose California 2017, Kawra Reserva Cab. Sauvignon Valle Centrale 2018, Wolfson Cellars Zinfandel California 2018, MYTH Red Blend California 2018, Starlight Ridge Chardonnay SE Australia 2019, and The Mentor Red Blend Duoro D.O.C. Portugal 2019. 

I'll be honest- I've never heard of these wines or producers, so I can't comment on the until I uncork all of them, but so far I'm genuinely pleased with this mixed case! Preferring red wine, I was hesitant that I wouldn't like anything Wine Insiders sent me, as I never indicated preferences like Club members or customers can, but I am pleased that outside of the Chardonnay and Rose, all the others are reds.. they must have read my mind somehow! When ordering your selection, the website also shows the wine, notes, and producer information of what will come in your case, so that is always a positive in my book. 

Example, I know I like Red Wines, I know I dislike heavy earthy tones, so I'd try to look for something more in my palate. Yet, I also like discovering new things, because I can be surprised, so I like the fact that the mixed cases come with a variety!

If you don't have a clue what you want or what your mom would like, try out their Discover feature! With the ability to search Great Deals, Country of Origin, Wine Type, New Arrivals, Favorites, Award Winning Selections.. you surely will be able to find something you love! 

If you are a newbie, or need help with lingo, the Wine 101 Guide is meant for you. With information about all types and selections of wine, including serving information, cooking, and choosing. You will surely learn what is best for you and your family by using this very informative guide. 

Wine Insiders also partners with Celebrity Sets to offer the greats from Martha Steward, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Ludo Lefebvre. If you are familiar with these celebrity wines, you can find them via Wine Insiders. If not, you can learn about their selections and see if any are a great match for your tastes and needs! 

Should you try Wine Insiders? Yes! The ease of ordering, delivery, and finding great wines via their search tools is so easy. I am absolutely positive that you can find a great wine to share with your Mom this upcoming Mother's Day! The Wine Insiders Club and Wine selections will make great gifts that will make your mom smile this year! 

Want it? Get it!

Head over to Wine Insiders and begin searching for the great amazing wine your mom will love! 

Want to gift her the Club Membership? Sign your mom up for the Insiders Club Membership and send her beautiful wines all year! 

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