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Who teaches who the most? Moms or kids?


Kids in order: P, HC, and D

Do you ever look at your kids and think, "How did I get so lucky?" or "I can't believe I have all this responsibility?" or both at the same time? I do! 

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising these little ones to be who they authentically are. It is so hard. Other times I am wondrously overwhelmed by the people they are now and how they are already changing their world. 

It seems like only yesterday I was in my teens, in college, with no responsibilities except making the grades required to stay in school. Now, here I am in my forties with three teenagers that have rocked my world in so many ways, changing me into a better person with every year that goes by. There are some days I am amazed that God saw fit to make me a mom and that these three children have made it this far!
Me at age 19

My firstborn, P,  has taught me that it is important to be who you know yourself to be even if it is hard or unfair in life. Through our journey of his life, I have learned exactly how selfish I am and how to say I'm sorry. I learned a lot as his mom and I am sure he is not through teaching me, no matter how overwhelming the lessons may be!

My second-born, HC, has and is still teaching me that emotions are REAL! If I didn't know it before, I do now. Their ups and downs in daily life remind me of the importance of consistency and kindness in how I treat others and what it means to be respectful. They are a powerful, self-aware young person and I know they will change the world one day! They have already changed mine.

My last-born, D, is so full of compassion for anyone that is downtrodden. She daily teaches me about caring for others and showing compassion and empathy for those around me. She is the first to welcome anyone new because she knows what it is like to be the new kid. Her heart yearns for others to be happy and to provide for the needy and make a difference in other people's lives. Watch out world - she will one day bring change!

Whether I am overwhelmed or awestruck by motherhood, I know one thing for sure...I am a better person for being the mom to these three wonderful kiddos! I thank God every day for them in my life and though, looking back, there are things I would change about the way I parented, I will always remember God chose them to be my kids and me as their mom. I look forward to seeing how they shape the world we live in one day!

What do your kids teach you?

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