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Ways to make healthy food more affordable


Most people want to eat healthily. The problem is it can get pretty expensive. Junk food is generally cheaper, which is why a lot of people get hooked on it. But there are ways to make healthy food more affordable. 

Plan your meals

One of the biggest problems with healthy eating is shelf-life. Fresh fruit and vegetables only last so long, so you have to plan your meals. If you do a weekly shop, you should plan every meal and work out exactly how much food you actually need to buy. If you can last a week without wasting anything, you will see your weekly spending drop quickly. 

Stick to your grocery list

Grocery lists and healthy eating go hand-in-hand. When you get to the grocery store, it can be easy to throw anything healthy into your basket. But you might be adding the most expensive items in the store. The more you plan, the more money you can save. Use a grocery list app to make life even easier. 

Cook at home

Take-out food can be healthy, but it is almost always expensive. You are paying for the ingredients, the chef to cook it, delivery costs, and more. The more meals you cook at home, the less you will spend. Plus, you can control exactly what is going into each meal, which means they will be even healthier. 

Cook a large portion and use your leftovers 

Batch cooking is a great way to save on costs. Make a big pot of curry or soup and it will last for weeks. Not only will this help you save money, but it will also save time and encourage you to opt for a healthy meal. Be warned though - you might need to buy meal prep containers and a bigger refrigerator. 

Do not shop when you are hungry 

You should never set foot in a grocery store when you are hungry. You will be shopping with your belly, instead of your brain. If you cannot stick to a grocery list, at least eat before you do the weekly shop. It will help you stick to the healthier options and avoid filling your cart with candy. 

Stock up on deals

Healthy food can be more expensive than junk food. But not if you are savvy. Look for deals in the grocery store and stock up on anything that will last. Fresh fruit and vegetables cannot be saved for long but you can freeze bread, meat, and just about everything else. 

Get fruit and veg delivered

Grocery stores put a surprisingly big markup on fruit and vegetables. Instead, why not get it delivered to your front door. Fresh food delivery services - like FruitintheBox.com - are surprisingly competitive.  

Buy cheap cuts of meat 

When you are buying meat, it is tempting to go for the cuts that you know. Chicken breast outsells just about every other cut and it is one of the most expensive. Check out the less pricey options and you could save yourself a small fortune. You might have to spend some time cutting the meat off the bone but it is a small price to pay.

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