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Topfoxx Fashionable and Affordable Eyewear #Review #MBPSPRING21


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Ah, Spring. The time of warmer weather, growing plants, pollen, and sun. Yes, here on the east coast of  NC, we get doused in that lovely yellowish-green film this time of year. In fact, as I sit here and type on my patio, today is a high-pollen count day and I can already feel my eyes rejecting the sun and invisible stuff (probably soon to be visible) in the air. 

Yes- I'm that girl that has had to use cold compresses, eye drops, turn off the lights, and hide in a dark room because sun and pollen can affect my eyes so much they swell. It hasn't happened in a few years, but every once in a while, if the conditions are right- I have to go hide. Remedies often include eye drops, OTC meds, and sunglasses. Lots and lots of sunglasses. 

After a trip to the eye-doc in second grade, my family realized my eye vision issues. The result? Prescription Glasses for life! We are talking the 90's here, so lots of love for the big frames, big hair, etc. Contact wearing emerged in my senior year of high school, which I can honestly say I like better than prescription frames. So, the journey of figuring out how to manage the sun, pollen issues, and vision issues all melted together! Finding the right fit, the right styles, and the right level of protection has been a challenge over the years.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I ALWAYS have a pair of sunglasses on hand. In fact, my church choir members will often point out ones on my head before service begins because I've often forgotten I was wearing them. Yep, that's how sunglasses are basically a part of me. I always have extras, I'm always looking for good brands, and I always have "crappy" ones for activities I know that they can get broken or disappear (ahem, youth mission trips). 

So when I found out about Topfoxx, I was super excited! Not only do they offer great sunglasses, they also offer anti- blue light glasses and even prescription glasses.. which is super nice for those days that the pollen is so much that I can't wear contacts! 

Topfoxx sent over a pair of the Coco Red Velvet Sunglasses for me to try out. Now, when I grab sunglasses, I usually go with a basic black or a basic design, so these are definitely on the bolder side for me. It's hard to describe the Coco Frames as they aren't the typical circles or squares. 

There is a slight flare in the eyes, which makes them different from normal frames.  The frames, both inside and out, are made up of a lush soft red velvet material. The lenses are black, which is great for extra protection against the sun. Personally, I often find that rose and brown colored lenses don't provide enough protection for my eyes.  The lenses and the frames both sport the Topfoxx logo as well. 

 I absolutely love them! They fit incredibly well, covering my eyes so that those little rays of sunshine don't bother me. They arrived with a carrying case and cleaning cloth. Both are needed necessities in this girl's life, because who doesn't need a cleaning cloth (so much better than using the hem of your shirt) and I'm the girl that often scratches her glasses by throwing them in her bag. So. Not. Smart. 

The one downfall with these glasses is that they are not polarized. Polarized glasses help reduce the glare from shiny objects when facing the full sun. Living on the east coast, that's always been a plus. I knew that when purchasing these glasses, so these might not be my best "beach" or "driving into the sun" glasses, but they certainly meet the needs for eye protection against the sun, are stylish, and are extremely comfortable. 

If you love Red Velvet but Coco isn't your style, there is bound to be a pair in the Topfoxx Sunglasses Collection that will peak your interest. Not into Red Velvet? That's okay too because there are SO many colors and frames to choose from. These are quality sunglasses aimed at keeping your eyes safe and stylish this spring! Most Topfoxx sunglasses protect your eyes from a UV 400 level, like the Coco Red Velvet frames.

Topfoxx also sent me a pair of Juliet Red Blue-light blockers to try out. 

The world of blue-light blockers is new to me and it seems to have popped up even more in the last year of work-more- from- home due to Pandemic times. For those who aren't aware, all of our devices emit light. This light can seriously affect our moods, our vision, and our health. 

As my youth-worker job went from in-person events to almost everything on Zoom and Video for several months, I've noticed the strain it puts on my eyes.. which then turns around and causes headaches and other issues. Blue light Blockers exist to filter out that horrible blue light so that our eyes, heads, and bodies can be healthier! Granted, it's still good to step away from the computer and go do something else for a while, but these babies certainly help. 

The Juliet frames are a one- size fits all frame that is made up of red crystal. While it's weird to wear glasses over my contacts, once I got used to it, it's been a game-changer for long days behind a computer. As my church slowly starts to reengage with in-person events, I've been wearing them less, but for video editing, for social media development, and for writing- these are a definite game-changer and something I want to continue to incorporate into my routine. 

Not only do blue light blockers help prevent eye strain and headaches, but they also help us sleep better because they emit that harmful light that disrupts our rhythm, so definitely make sure to check out Topfoxx's Bluelight collection of women's and children's glasses!

While Topfoxx is obviously providing us with awesome quality and stylish glasses, another thing I love is that as a women-owned company, they are out to empower other women! Let's be honest, eyewear is expensive. From doctor's visits to prescriptions, to physically getting frames and lens, it's a costly process. And while readers, blue-lights, and sunglasses may be more affordable, for someone in poverty, it is still costly to come up with. 

Topfoxx is committed to giving back by helping women achieve needed eye surgeries and corrective vision, resulting in women having the chance to find work and support themselves. Women make up 2/3rds of the visually impaired population in the world, so giving back is very important! 

Topfoxx has given over 80% of the 16 million people helped free glasses through their restoring vision program. For every pair of glasses sold, a pair of reading or distance glasses is given to an impoverished person in need of eyewear. 

Visit Topfoxx's Restoring Vision Program to find out more! As a woman who suffers from vision problems, coming from a long line of family members with vision problems, this is an incredible program to support. The best part? All you have to do is purchase a pair of glasses!

Want it? Get it!

Topfoxx is offering a 15% off discount to all MBP Readers with the code MBP15! 

Use this link and grab yourself (or your mom- after all Mother's Day is coming up) a fabulous new style of sunglasses or anti-blue lights!

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Have you tried out blue-light glasses? 

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