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Tips For Choosing Kitchen Tiles That Will Look Gorgeous!


In terms of aesthetics, durability, and ease of maintenance - there is no match to kitchen tiles. Available in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and colors, these tiles offer a variety of interior design styles. In this article, we will present some tips to find the best design for your kitchen!

For Modern Atmosphere - Go With Natural Colors

In modern interiors, prefer natural tones and avoid bright colors. In this regard, black, white, black, and white kitchen wall tiles have become a real classic. And if these shades aren’t your taste, go for taupe, pearl grey, beige, or ivory. All of these natural tones are very pleasing to the eyes. Use these and decorate as you wish.

Which Format Should You Choose?

Another important aspect of the design is the format of the kitchen backsplash tiles. Recently, large format tiles have become very popular. Their format immediately catches the guests’ attention and strikes the viewer as a modern and attractive choice.

The opposite way to go is to go for the mini format - the mosaic tile backsplash. Nowadays, it is no longer reserved for classic luxury interiors. Even if you have a modern kitchen, it is not surprising to choose a mosaic, as its design trends resemble a modern approach to style. Moreover, the mosaic is no longer unaffordable for the middle class. Today, almost anyone can afford it. Some popular choices are tesserae with a marble finish, a glass mosaic, and a mirror effect. 

Which Color to choose in Mosaic?

The color gray, commonly seen as cold and impersonal, is one of the best choices for kitchen mosaic tile backsplash. Small or large, square or rectangular, it is universal to use. For example, in modern design interiors, gray kitchen wall tiles would blend with stainless steel appliances. On the other hand, in classic kitchens, it would create a nice contrast with wooden furniture.

Go Beyond Floor And Splashback

The kitchen tiles don't just have to cover the floor and splashback. Today, we can see that the designers have opted for the matching tiles for the wall cladding and the central kitchen island. It gives a very pleasant, harmonious design.  

The Classic Trend - Subway Tiles

Until recently used as a wall covering for metro stations, the so-called subway tiles are currently irreplaceable as modern kitchen and bathroom wall tiles. And it is not by chance - they serve the best in these rooms. 

Although they are most often white or black, these tiles still offer many decorative options. It is, in particular, its sober look that allows it to combine gracefully with the other elements of the decor. You can combine this type of kitchen wall tile with a wooden worktop, and steel elements for an industrial design like you see in restaurants. On the other hand, stone-cut installation guarantees a major aesthetic effect for a home kitchen design. 

Final Words 

It doesn't matter if your decor is modern or classic- there are the right tiles for any decor style. Thanks to a wide range of materials and finishes, you can personalize your kitchen splashback and the rest of the space in any way you want!

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