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Teacher Appreciation Gifts that Teachers Appreciate


I know, I know, you are probably thinking, teachers should appreciate anything their students give them, and we do! Just the fact that a student or family took time from their busy lives to think about us and offer a token of gratitude is truly a gift. Please know teachers do not expect gifts, but when they are given, they are appreciated. With that said, Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up, May 3-7. Are you ready?

Mugs are awesome! Lotion and body sprays are wonderful! In my 8 years of teaching I have collected, loved, and, unfortunately, had to either giveaway or regift (gasp!) many of them. One CAN have too many of these items. 

At the school where I teach, teachers fill out a "My Favorite Things" list at the beginning of the school year. This can be a fabulous guide to ensure your teacher will love their gift. If your school doesn't do this, you could send one to your child's teacher and request they fill it out for you. Here is an example from Gina Mitchell on TeachersPayTeachers:

I talked with some of my teacher friends and collected information on teacher gifts. For those interested in knowing what gifts teachers would suggest, let's take a look at the top two items teachers love to receive the most!

The top item teachers love to receive is a heartfelt letter of appreciation from you or from your child. Not a simple card, but a card or letter written from the heart and truly expresses how the teacher has influenced the life of your child. Many teachers I know keep these types of letters and cards for those days when teaching is not so easy and they need to remember they make a difference. It is a true gift from the heart.

The second most appreciated gift is a gift card to one of the places listed on their "My Favorite Things". Many teachers have Amazon wish lists, so that is a great place from which to give a gift card. There are gift cards for everything these days! Coffee, movies, restaurants, stores, and delivery services are a few. There are even Visa gift cards that can be given for your teacher to use wherever they need or want to. 

Whatever amount you would have spent on a gift, purchase a gift card in that same amount to somewhere your child's teacher will love! Remember, the amount on the gift card doesn't matter, so don't worry about how much it is for! It is the time you took to think about your child's teacher and show them appreciation for what they do. 

With COVID-19 and the mandates they must follow, teachers' plates have overflowed with making sure your children are successful. Why not say thank you?

What gifts are you giving your child’s teacher?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I have always thought teaching was a honorable job and felt so much gratitude to my children's teachers. After the pandemic..I most certainly believe teachers deserve all of the love!

  2. Teachers deserve so much appreciation for all the work they done.

  3. The thoughtful letter would be good to write and good to get.


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