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Ride-on Cars Kids Love In TOBBI

 Driving a stunning vehicle, Benz or Lamborghini, and exploring the world with the music playing from the installed MP3 player. However, this scene doesn’t have to happen in the adult world. The electric ride-on car has offered kids the opportunity to enjoy the happiness of driving like adults. Some researches have shown that more and more American families tend to choose the little electric cars as a present for their kids.

With a favorite car, kids can drive it around and contact nature freely. What’s more, it also helps to improve children’s imagination. Once riding on or in their cars, kids can be anyone they’d like to be. The car is kind of a tool to make them create a particular universe. 

Maybe in parents’ opinions, the car for kids to drive is just a toy without any other features. However, ride-on car brand like Tobbi, it has done a lot to make the car stand out. Now, let’s have a look at our favorite electric ride-on cars for kids.


Select a great ride-on car for kids

With the increasing popularity of ride-on cars, the quality of ride-on cars can be uneven. Thus, choosing a great car for kids is more important for parents. You can find various online shops selling electric cars, but Tobbi is always reliable brand parents can trust. Quality is the priority you shall consider, after all, kids’ safety is the most important. Tobbi has been devoted to creating great toy cars for years, so it can make customers feel comfortable about the product’s appearance and quality. Except for quality, warranty period, driving mode are also the elements that you shall take into account. 

Parental remote control adds more fun 

Go through Tobbi’s website us.tobbi.com, you will find there is more than one way to play with the ride-on car. The most common method to play is kids driving the vehicle by themselves. What if your kids are too young to learn how to drive? We have figured out the solution by using the parental remote control. It’s not difficult to understand it literally. If your kids are at a young age, they’re not able to drive but are interested in the little car. With the help of remote control, parents can use it to drive for kids and let them enjoy the happiness of cruising around. Though kids have learned how to drive, remote control can still offer parents an opportunity to spend wonderful family time together. 

Fits kids aged from 3 to 12

Many parents will set an age limit on ride-on cars which they think it’s only for kids old enough. They prefer to choose car figures for their babies. The electric car has developed into a toy that fits a wide range of ages. In Tobbi, we offer different sizes of toy cars for the kid, and the design of our product can protect every kid from falling. As we said before, little kids are also accessible to play with our toy car with parental remote control. Thus, don’t worry that your kids are too young to play with our car. Generally speaking, our car fits kids aged from 3 to 12, which we believe is the best age range. We have a dream that every kid can happily drive our car to anywhere they like without the restriction of age.

Features of our ride-on car

Good features can add more fun when playing with a ride-on car. To make our car stand out, we also have some particular features for your kids ride-on car. Kids will enjoy more with these features except good quality.

Appearance is a direct feature that attracts your kids in their first sight. Tobbi has designed many kinds of appearance to meet different kids’ needs. As you can see on our website, you can choose authorized brands of passenger cars like Benz, Lamborghini if kids prefer the eye-catching appearance. Some kids probably like to explore sand or mountain area, then ATV or tractor type is the best choice and can help them drive smoothly. For those kids who have a dream of being a pilot, our airplane-shaped ride-on car enables them to feel like a little pilot.

When driving the electric car, the inserted MP3 player can make kids feel happier and more excited in the car. Playing kids’ favorite music is a good way to attract them to play with the toy car longer. Moreover, immersed in music can improve kids’ mental development potentially.


Electric ride-on car, yes or no?

Seeing the ride-on car become a hot and popular product, many parents will come up with the idea of buying one for their kids. There is no doubt that the ride-on toy will bring children a lot of fun and take them to explore the world. However, there may be some voices saying that you shall not buy the electric car and it’s not necessary. Every coin indeed has two sides. We will analyze the pros and cons and help you make a rational decision.

The most simple reason why parents prefer to choose a ride-on car for kids is that it can make them happy. Various types, attractive appearance, MP3 player, these are all funny elements in children’s eyes. The ride-on car can make kids feel that they’re in control of the car and drive to the places they like. It’s the toy car that empowers kids to play in the world which is created by themselves. It’s a great amusement for them. However, some parents don’t like this idea. With the developments of technology, kids have more options for toys and entertainment. As you can see, more and more kids are spending much time on screens and electric products. Let kids spend time on the computer or smartphones alone is the best way for some parents to do their own business. After all, you have to accompany children if they play ride-on cars. Or some adults prefer children to be physically active instead of playing with toys outdoor. But physically active is lack of a tool or bridge for kids to play with others and socialize with peers.

Kids living in this time are absolutely happy, for they have so many options to play with. But parents must remember that not to let kids addicted to electric products at young ages and play in a group is important for development. The toy is always a good companion for kids and a tool to socialize with others. Tobbi’s ride-on car would like to create a wonderful childhood for your kids and protect their dreams.

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