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Ready to Brew Coffee Cocktails for Mom to Enjoy from Cask & Kettle #MBPMOMSDAY21 #REVIEW


Thank you to Cask & Kettle for products to review. The opinions are my own.

My husband and I are coffee addicts and we also enjoy a nice cocktail. Cask & Kettle combines both for a lovely evening decaffeinated hard coffee treat! With flavors like Irish Cream, Mint Patty, Mexican Coffee, Hot Blonde, and their Spiked Cider, everyone has a flavor they can enjoy. 

CASK & KETTLE coffees and hard cider are exquisite, well-crafted hot cocktails for home brewing and alcohol systems. Simply settle one of the liquid-filled pods into your Keurig-style brewer and a smooth cocktail is ready in a jiffy.

We don't have a brewing system, but it wasn't an issue at all! You can also prepare them by pouring the liquid contents into a cup and adding hot or cold water for a delicious hard coffee or cider at any time of year.

One of the advantages of the use of liquid spirits & flavor in this product? The pods can be quickly washed clean and be ready to recycle. No digging out grounds, just pull off the top, rinse it out, drop it in your recycling bin, and enjoy a smooth, well-crafted cocktail. 

My husband's favorite was the Irish Cream and my favorite was the Spiked Cider. All the flavors were delicious. Having the cocktail together was a great way to bring our day to a close, talking with one another about the day. I look forward to continuing this as a tradition. I look forward to purchasing these on a regular basis!

Want It? Get It!

Cask & Kettle products are available for purchase on their website, but you can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram so you stay up to date on brand new products! 

We want to thank our friends at Cask & Kettle for partnering with us this Mother's Day season. 


  1. I am not a coffee drinker. My sister is a big coffee drinker. She loves to try new kinds and she loves her fancy coffee drinks. I think she would love this.

  2. Hot cocktails sound so good!! I love a hot beverage in the evenings. It helps me to wind down and relax. Love the look of the kettle!

  3. What a unique idea! I would love to try the Mexican Coffee or Spiked Cider.

  4. I'm not the biggest fan of coffee but my other half is! Thanks so much for sharing!


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