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Put a Spring in Their Step with Adorable Easter Gifts from Lone Cone and Foothill Farms #MBPEASTER21


Thanks to Lone Cone and Foothill Farms for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Hip-hop, here comes Easter! I've been playing Easter Bunny with my kiddos for ten years. Oh, yes- even my son and daughter's very first Easters, they had Easter baskets filled with goodies. The older my kids get, the harder putting baskets together can be. Their interests change often, and they tend to always want more expensive items. I try to keep it on the creative side for my kids, and give them things they want, but also things that they need, with a few surprises in between.

I've seen a lot of really cute and interesting ideas for alternative Easter baskets- one being using rain boots instead of a physical basket. This is such a great idea- the boots give you plenty of room to fill up with treats, and the boots are a useful gift in themselves.

Lone Cone's rain boots are the perfect holder for Easter treats, and they are amazing for kids of all ages!

I love the idea of gifting rain boots for Easter. We tend to see a lot of rain in April, so they are definitely needed to get through the streams that usually form in our yard and run down our street. Lone Cone's Elementary collection of rain boots is awesome for toddlers and littles. Bean outgrows rain boots so quickly- I feel like we can hardly keep her in a pair for more than a season. Thankfully, Lone Cone has sizes for little ones and big kids, too. 

These rain boots are designed with kids in mind- especially kids to love to jump and splash in muddy puddles. My sweet girl loves to help in the garden, so these are perfect for her to wear in our yard, which is often wet. The boots come in lots of wonderful colors. We decided to go with the pink, and Bean couldn't have been happier with the color and the fit.

The boots have a 6 month guarantee. Sturdy rubber boots ensure little ones are prepared for changing weather; Keep kids clean and dry through mud season and springtime puddle jumping with boots that easily wipe clean.

Grab these awesome rain boots for kids for just $21.99 on Amazon. 

Precious Easter Gifts from Foothill Farms

For a little extra sweetness, add these cute products from Foothill Farms to your little ones' baskets!

What could be sweeter than a bunny suit for your child's doll? My daughter is completely obsessed with her 18 inch dolls. In fact, she'll be getting a special trip to the AG doll store next week for her 5th birthday. Adding a sweet bunny outfit to Bean's Easter basket has been so much fun! I love helping her choose clothes and accessories for her dolls, and I know she is going to flip for this sweet outfit!

From Foothill Farms comes adorable 18 inch doll outfits, like their limited edition bunny costume.

This cute outfit will help your kiddos get in on the fun and imagination of play time! The suit is so soft, with an adorable fuzzy bunny tail, and carrot accessory. It's a one piece suit, and Velcros closed. This is an easy on/off outfit for kiddos to change themselves. The quality of the item is great, and I'm sure it will be well loves and played with for many years. This cute doll outfit is available on Amazon for $24.99.

Match Box Mice and Friends are a sweet addition to baskets, too! Meet Hopper the Rabbit!

When I was a little girl, I loved a book series that was all about a little church mouse and his adventures. Foothill Farms Toy Co. has their own line of tiny little plush mice which come with their own little box and tiny accessories, such as a sleeping mat, burlap cloth blanket, pillow, and tiny carrot. This sweet little mouse makes me remember those sweet mouse stories, and makes me want to act them out with my daughter. I'll just need a couple of other sets so we can both play! Hopper the Rabbit is absolutely adorable. He may not be a mouse, but he is certainly fitting for Easter, and would make such a cute little treat!

Hopper the Rabbit comes with everything shown here- his own little box and accessories for hours of play!

Hopper is going to be so loved! His little box houses his accessories, and doubles as his bed. I can already see Bean playing with this sweet set, and I can't wait to get her some of the other friends from this cute collection. Hopper is available for just $24.99 on Amazon.

Want them? Get them!

What do you think of these adorable ideas for Easter? Would your kids love to splash around in Lone Cone's rain boots or play for hours with timeless treasures from Foothill Farms?

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  1. These are really cute ideas. I love the Hopper the Rabbit!


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