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Looking Forward to Rest and Relaxation


As a full-time Deacon and Youth and Family Ministries Coordinator, the past month has been extremely hectic as our staff figured out ways for our congregation member to safely worship together. While I love what I do, figuring out Holy Week and Easter Morning logistics has frankly, been exhausting.  

Thus, I am looking forward to some R&R and being physically away from my home, my job, and my hometown. While most people flock to the beach for their vacations, I'm a lucky soul that lives close to the beach. (I admit- I don't head over as often as I should, something I'm hoping to fix this spring and summer). Thus, I usually end up going to see friends in other states, finding unique and fun ways to entertain ourselves. 

This year, my friends and I are heading to southern Georgia for a few days of doing nothing and roaming about. The top priorities include rest, much needed rest, great conversation, and seeing their hometown.. perhaps time to read a novel or two thrown in the midst as well! We really don't have any plans, which is a weird way for me to spend my vacation, but this year it's perfect! 

After months of detail, months of constantly pivoting to meet the ever-changing Pandemic rules, this is exactly what's needed. After spending time in Georgia, I'll head down to Florida to see some other folks and perhaps even the Mouse himself in WDW. 

This will be my first big adventure since the Pandemic started. In late August last year, I did go up to VA to see my sister, but we really stayed close to the condo unit we rented. So, I'm excited to get out and safety travel again, see folks again, and perhaps learn a thing or two about a new place!

Is there anything coming up that you are looking forward too? 
Are you traveling yet or continuing to stay closer to home? 

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  1. I hope you have a great time. I am so ready to take a road trip!


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