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Know Why A Dry Eye Mask Is Good For Sleeping?


The secret to good sleep is relaxation. Many people suffering from insomnia complain that for a long time they cannot forget about all the people, affairs and events that were important during the day. Long attempts to fall asleep provoke fear of another episode of insomnia, forcing a person to take medication. Often the cause of insomnia is neurosis, and the inability to relax and fall asleep is a characteristic symptom of this condition.

One of the helpers on the path to healthy sleep is a dry eye mask for sleeping. Regular sheet masks have only one function - to isolate the eyes from sunlight. In order for a person to fall asleep and get enough sleep in a few hours, a complete lack of light in the room is required. Only under this condition, the sleep hormone melatonin is released, allowing you to fall asleep. The best eye mask for dry eyes has active ingredients: volcanic rock elements, massage rollers and heating.

Is it good to sleep in a sleep mask?

Sleep with dry eye heat mask with jade and tourmaline is used in different ways: you can do short-term procedures 15-20 minutes long, or you can leave the mask on overnight. This is especially true for an unheated mask: within a few hours, tourmaline accumulates thermal energy and releases it in the form of infrared radiation into the tissue. You won't feel it during the night, but you will wake up rested.

Swelling in the area around the eyes can be corrected or temporarily removed with the help of cosmetics, and the constant use of a jade and tourmaline sleep mask makes it possible to forget about dark circles and swelling. Due to the local acceleration of microcirculation, tissues receive enough nutrients and normalize their metabolism. You can sleep in an electric heated eye mask only after consulting a doctor. There are a number of pathological conditions in which it is worth postponing the use of home physiotherapy devices.

Sleep mask: heated or not?

Heating plays an important role in realizing the beneficial properties of jade and tourmaline. Thanks to a special device safely embedded in the fabric base of the mask, the stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and multiply their strength. It is known that tourmaline is a source of a constant magnetic field, which requires heat to maintain. The magnetic field from tourmaline stones spreads to the entire human body, and not just to the area around the eyes. Its main function is antioxidant. The environment contains a large number of harmful substances that enter the body and gradually destroy the cell membranes. These substances are called free radicals. The magnetic field helps not only get rid of free radicals but also help the body's cells to repair damage.

Sleep mask benefits

Like tourmaline, jade heals with a dry eye heat mask. Infrared radiation, which appears five minutes after using the jade mask, causes an increase in blood flow in the affected area. It is useful for accommodation spasms and eye fatigue. The heat relaxes the muscles, helping to relieve tension headaches. Together with blood circulation, lymph drainage increases, so you will no longer be bothered by swelling. Thanks to the stimulation of metabolism, the aging process in the skin slows down, so masks with tourmaline or jade are beneficial for the skin of the face and transform it.

Unheated tourmaline and jade masks are suitable for those who do not like the feeling of warmth on the skin. It is also a suitable option if you are prohibited from exposure to heat on the eye area. The stones tend to heat up from the body during use, and after about five to six sessions you will feel the effect of using the mask. It fits comfortably and does not fall off during sleep. The unheated mask is convenient in that it has no wires, so you can be in any position that suits you.

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