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Thank you to FrontGate Media for providing this book in an exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My mom is an avid reader, as am I and my sister. I admit, I don't read as much as I could/should, because sometimes my brain is so exhausted it can't comprehend words. Yet, reading is one of my wind-down hobbies. Whether for leisure, education, or prepping for a new ministry related plan, I usually have a list of books and a list on the e-library's "on hold" section. 

When receiving Kathie Lee Gifford's latest book, I was excited to dive into it. Published in December 2020, "It's Never Too Late" tells the faith story of Kathie while diving into her life full of adventures.  Her book has been a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestseller with more than 100 K copies sold! 

Kathie focuses on how living life full of love, full of forgiveness, and full of grace means its never too late to start something new, to build new relationships, to find a new path in life. Embracing these ideas, Kathie went through adventures she never thought she would have- both the difficult and amazing times of life. 

Too young to truly know her whole story, it was a definite eye-opener! Sure, I've heard some of her adventures when she aired with Regis Philbin, and definitely saw her on the Today Show, but I didn't know her story. It makes me think.. we never know the real story of those we see on T.V. Only what the media and socials want us to think! 

From Dolly Parton's Foreword to Kathie's last thought, this book will challenge you to reflect upon your own life, no matter what season you are in. Kathie's focus and reflection as a child of God, finding her Christian faith, and sticking with it throughout her life challenges everyone- regardless of your denominational or religious preferences. Her book shows how she unearthed passions, discovered meaning and adventure, and is full of joy. 

She ends almost every story with a reference to how its never too late. Never too late to dream, to think- big, to live, to love, to be a friend, to forgive, to reconcile with others, to try something new, to live life. Her motto is that it's never too late because, eventually, one day we, or the people we love, won't be here on this earth anymore and it will be too late. 

The writing style in this book is light, easy, and humorous This book does not read "novel-style" but is a compilation of stories from Kathie's life. It's an easy book to read while curled up on the couch with your coffee/ tea or sitting outside basking in the sunlight!

Underneath the stories Kathie writes about shows a woman that embraces her mistakes, embraces her reality, and is willing to try something new because  she realizes she has nothing to lose, but rather gain, from her adventures. She knows that God is always with her and that she will never be alone. 

As Kathie's readers, she shows us it doesn't matter what season of life we are in: single, married, with/ without children, job changes, love found, loves lost- we all have to embrace the realities of life. We all have choices, roads, that lead to new adventures. It's how we will respond, how we will listen, and how we will use the opportunities given to us to find meaning in life. 

One thing I like about Kathie's book is that while she had a lot thrown at her, she choose to not take the "woe is me" approach, but rather challenge herself to respond to those events and experiences in a way that transforms her and gives her life. If only all of us did the same! There probably would be a lot more happiness and a lot less negativity. 

"It's Never Too Late" is by no means a self- help book, but does take the reader on a journey. Throughout Kathie's journey, you will begin pondering your own story. You will begin wondering what choices and chances your life has given you and how you will respond to them in the future. As Kathie states several times, when she hears a call, she listens, and she responds. 

This is a good opportunity for us, as readers, to respond to whatever calls are beckoning us. Our adventures could be as full and joyous as Kathie's was (although, I doubt we will have as many stories to tell as she did with famous stars, but who knows where life leads!). 

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