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How to Take Proper Care of Your Feet

 The significance of feet cannot be overemphasized. Mobility starts with feet. If you don’t have limbs to carry you, you are a sitting duck, at the mercy of those around you. The extremely unfortunate individuals who are born with a deformity or suffer from permanent damage to lower limbs go through unimaginable difficulties. It is imperative for us to take care of our feet. Let’s look at some ways through which we can keep our feet functioning at an optimal level.

  1. Don’t wear tight shoes

Imagine being told to share a small room with twenty people. You’d suffocate won’t you? Think about your feet as well. They wouldn’t want to go through that punishment would they? Wear broad shoes in which your feet can rest comfortably. Otherwise shoes can impinge the blood supply of your feet leading to drastic complications.

  1. Refrain from sharing shoes

Sharing is caring. But kindly refrain from sharing shoes. They can lead to transfer of pathogenic microbes which can lead to various infections. Feet are particularly susceptible to ulceration and to avoid irreversible damage, you can decrease the probability of that by not sharing your shoes.

  1. Do not disguise the appearance of injured nails with nail polish

An injured nail sure isn’t a pretty sight. But obscuring it with a layer of nail polish will make it worse. Nail Polishes contain harmful constituents that can wreak havoc to the underlying tissue and make the condition worse.

  1. Conduct proper foot hygiene 

Make sure you wash your feet under tap water with soap multiple times a day. This will help in reducing the microbial load and reducing foot associated infections. Avoid walking bare footed. Presence of footwear is mandatory while walking. Not only it protects against unforced heavy impacts, it also inhibits the portal of entry of different bacteria by forming a barrier between your feet and the surface you are walking on.

  1. Toe Separators

Also called Toe spacers, toe separators are used to create space between the toes and keep them in their specified position hence preventing overlap. They are made up from silicone or rubber and are extremely comfortable. They are constructed in such a manner that they conform to the shape of your toes, which allows for excellent ergonomics while simultaneous separating the toes to create space. This also fortifies your foot and they become more resilient against the punishment they endure. People with medical disabilities such as toe neuromas can extract a great deal of relief from toe separators. They can be easily worn inside a shoe and hence you can always use these to help stretch your toes 24/7. Just make sure they don’t negatively affect the impact of your feet with ground.


If you want to travel the distance, if you want to visit the wonders of world, if you don’t want to be dependent on someone to drag you to the washroom and feel embarrassed, take foot hygiene seriously. It is hard to imagine to life without walking. Protect your feet and evade the incalculable difficulties that you might be staring at if you are negligent. Act today to avoid living in regret tomorrow

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