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How to Give Your Style a Fresh Boost


If you’ve been peering into your wardrobe and feeling like all of your outfits have seen better days or lack inspiration, then it might be time to give your clothing collection a new lease of life. This doesn’t have to mean overhauling and replacing everything, though – in fact, you can give yourself a great new look in some simple and budget-friendly ways. Read on to find out how.

Have a clothing swap with friends

While we might hate to admit it, we all have far more clothing than we know what to do with, and the shameful truth is that nearly 50% of people’s clothing goes unworn. If you know that you’ve got a lot of items languishing in the dark, then the chances are that your friends do too.

Instead of feeling guilty about this, you can use it as an opportunity to discover some great new outfits for free. Try hosting a clothing swap event where people can bring in any items that they want to give away in exchange for others’. You can often find some great new pieces, plus you can enjoy the added benefit of clearing out wardrobe space.

Take care of the details

When you’re a busy parent with a long list of tasks to do every day, spending time on your style or appearance isn’t always high on your list of priorities. You might slip into a habit of a particular look or routine that feels quick and easy to do, even if you don’t feel great about it.

However, small details can make a big difference, such as hairstyle, nails, or make up, and taking a little time to pay attention to these can have a great impact. A facial or beauty treatment such as those from LA Perfection can be a wonderful way to give yourself a new look and boost your mood in the process. As they are often quite quick to do, you can enjoy these sessions as a little time to yourself, without feeling like you’re falling behind.

Repurpose unworn gems

If you have some beloved items of clothing in your collection that you can’t bear to give away but also can no longer wear, then a great way of giving them a new lease of life is by getting crafty and repurposing them. This is a great way of restyling items that no longer fit or feel dated in style, as you can transform a garment into something else with a little imagination and skill.

Depending on your crafty talents, you may want to change an old outfit into a new, modern piece by tailoring it or adjusting it to have a new silhouette. If you’re not very skilled in tailoring, you could try taking your items to a professional who may be able to help, or alternatively, try looking for simple ways to adjust things yourself, such as by removing unnecessary accessories or details that you no longer need.

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