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Green Room Body: Eco- Friendly Body Care Gifts #MBPMOMSDAY21 #REVIEW #GIVEAWAY

Thankyou Green Room for providing these great products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

Growing up, our household go-to soap was bar soap, most likely Dove or another body care brand. As we entered into teen years, we used pink plastic razors, ventured in the land of Bath and Body Works, and eventually each of us developed our own skin and hair care routines. 

As an adult, I've realized how unhealthy some of my beauty products can be. Growing up on the coast, and living on the coast just a couple of states down, I'm also aware about sustainability, single use plastic consumption, and run-off that ends up into our water streams. I'm far from perfect, but I do often like looking for more natural products for myself and gifts. 

My mom is exceptionally hard to shop for regardless of all the issues above, because she isn't into the normal products that get pushed out on Mother's Day. Perhaps you are like me, and need gifts for mom that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and user friendly.. or perhaps you are just looking to reinvent your own body care system. 

Whatever the reason, Green Room products are just right for gifts to Mom and to yourself! 

Tired of the pink plastic razor that seems to go dull after one or two shaves with my coarse thick hair, I decided to try out Green Room's Safety Razor. I'm sure you are thinking.. safety razor, she's brave! And yes, I was (and still am) nervous about using this method for shaving. 

Once you get used to it, using a safety razor isn't as complicated as we think, but it still needs careful attention. Safety Razors use sharp edged blades rather than the 4-5 blade system that disposable razors have come up with. Because of this, safety razors are used during wet- shaving. That means no more quick dry-shaving before the beach.  

Wet- Shaving with a safety razor means that it might take longer, because you have to pay more attention to the curves, especially on ankles and knees. I did nick myself a few times, but it really didn't hurt and it stopped bleeding somewhat fast. Using a shaving cream is a must, and with Green Room's Shave Bar, this safety razor was easy to use!

Putting in the blade was the most nerve-wracking but yet uncomplicated part of the process. Green Room has a handy dandy video to help prep before trying it on your own, but essentially, the top piece unscrews, the blade is set inside, then the piece is screwed back into the handle. Holding the blade by the two edges is necessary- I did somehow cut my finger, but it was more like a paper cut than a full out cut. 

Green Room's Safety Razor Set comes with a lot of benefits! The Razor and Shave Bar Bundle come with the razor itself, 10 blades, and a shave bar that seems to last a long time. As with any soap bar, figuring out the best way for the bar to dry out between use makes it last longer. Safety Razor blades also last longer than disposable blades, making them more eco-friendly and less expensive. 

The Green Room Safety Razor takes standard blades that can be found almost anywhere. Disposing safety razor blades is going to depend on your local recycling and or sharps laws. Some areas take them and dispose of them the same way that sharps are, but for my area, we don't have that option right now. Definitely don't just check your blades in the trash- make sure they end up in a sealed container so that no one is hurt if the trash breaks or someone/ something goes through it! 

The one downside to a safety razor (not that I'm planning on getting on one anytime soon) is that the blades are not safe for carry-on luggage on planes. Checked luggage is fine- but this means that you will either need to find blades upon your arrival or pack your trust disposable with you. So, if you or your mom does a lot of traveling, this might not be the best gift. 

The upside to safety razors is that shaving is no longer a chore. It's an experience! Since safety razors need attention and while, it gets easier, its still not as fast a disposable razor, Moms might be able to spend more time on themselves. Take a bath,  a longer shower, and incorporate the safety razor into your own wellness routines. Use short strokes, less pressure, and receive a smooth shave that seems to last longer than if you use disposable razors! The blades certainly do last longer! 

Not into safety razors? I understand.. and Green Room still has something for you! Their bar soaps smell amazing, give great lather off, and last a long time.. plus aren't made with things that are harmful to us and the eco-system. I received the Aloe Mint bar soap and am absolutely loving it! 

I also received a soap saver bag, which is great for those odds and ends, extending the life of the bar, and drying it out faster by hanging it from the faucet, hook, etc. Soap Dishes are also available if that's more your style. The bar soap smells so great and is so soft.. plus the mint helps wake me up in the mornings!

Green Room also sent over a suds shampoo bar. Available for both babies/ kid and adults, these shampoo bars are a great sustainable way to wash hair! Moms looking for great and safe products, the shampoo bar is for you. Great for children 2 and older, these bars contain lavender, tea tree oil, and white kaolin clay.  The shampoo bar can also double as a soap bar in younger children, because finer hair means less lather and less washing! If your child does need a conditioner, the conditioner bars are safe and effective and also double as a shave bar too! 

Not only are Green Room's products great and eco-friendly, they strive to use minimal packaging that is still great for the environment. Green Room's boxes, made from recycled paper embedded with seeds, will turn into beautiful wildflowers when planted and watered. Reusable paper and boxes, no plastics, and sustainable ocean-friendly methods are all used when creating and shipping products. 

Whether you are looking for a monthly subscription to Green Room Products, want to endorse reusable products (such as Green Room's Return a Tin program) or are just looking for great gifts while reducing plastic usage and being friendly to your skin and health, these body care products are for you and your mom! 

Consider giving Mom some great body care products she will love and that are safe enough for your littles to use along with her! Family packs, Bundles, Soaps, Skincare, and Hair care options are all available n many different scents! 

Want it? Get it! 

Find a fabulous gift for Mother's Day by heading over to Green Room and using the discount code: “BLOCKPARTY” for 15% off your order! 

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Want it? Win it! 

One Lucky Reader will win a $50.00 E- Gift Card to Green Room! Happy Mother's Day Shopping! 

The giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Products will be shipped directly to the winner once the winner's information is confirmed. Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Come back every day to get your entries in.

Special thanks to our friends at Green Room for sponsoring this giveaway!

What is your favorite soap scent?

Good Luck! 


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  3. I would love to try the "For Your Face - Face Lotion, From The Earth".

  4. I would get the Face Lotion + Zinc Bundle.


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