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Decorating your new baby’s nursery:


A new arrival in the family is an exciting time for parents, especially if you are first-timers. The time you spend preparing for the arrival of your bundle of love is special. Out of the many things you must do to  prepare for the new arrival, getting the nursery ready is an essential and time-consuming task. If you are becoming parents for the first time, this task can seem exhilarating and daunting at the same time.

Right from deciding the room's colors, choosing to paint the room, or using wallpapers for the wall, picking the right draperies and the perfect furniture and accessories, every step must be carefully planned. Removable wallpaper peel and stick easily, adding to the convenience and ease-of-use factor. The end goal is to create a soothing and calming room for the mom and the baby. This article will list a few tips to help you decorate your baby’s nursery the right way while ensuring that the experience doesn’t overwhelm you.

Choose your color palette:

This is the first and the most crucial step when decorating your nursery. You can opt for colors such as pinks, blues, pastels, teal, mint, yellows, etc. Each color has its own way of freshening up the room and making it bright and airy, and soothing at the same time. The color you choose will form the blank canvas over which you can plan your wall colors, furniture, accessories, etc.

Plan your walls:

The next important step is to plan how you want your walls to be. Do you want them to be bold and bright or airy and soothing? Do you want all the walls to be in the same color or have an accent wall? You can also choose between plain walls or walls with textures, patterns, and designs.

If you are on a tight budget and still want to have beautiful walls for your room, wallpapers are a great option. The best part about wallpapers is that there are many pre-designed options to choose from. We highly recommend the little boy wallpaper for your little one’s nursery. The simple pattern and cheerful minimalist design blew us away, and we instantly fell in love.


Another crucial step that must be planned for properly is storage for odds and ends. A new arrival means lots of clothes, diapers, gifts, towels, bedding, and other necessities such as bottles, formula, etc. When planning ahead, you can assign fixed spots to store everything, leading to a better-organized room and less confusion. 

Remember that you will have to wake up at odd hours with the new baby. A well-organized space will go a long way in ensuring peace of mind as you cater to the baby's ever-changing needs.

Other points to consider:

Don’t forget to paint the ceiling in cheerful colors. Your baby will stare at the ceiling for the most part. Having a colorful ceiling will elevate their mood.

Set up a feeding and sanitation area if space permits. This will come in handy when feeding the baby and when you have visitors as well.

Your kid will grow quickly. Allow room for improvement and space for when the kid grows older. For example, use wallpapers specially made for kids, such as the little boy wallpaper, to initially decorate the room. These wallpapers are easy to remove and won't leave a mess behind. This way, you can give them an option to change the walls to their liking when they grow older.


Decorating your new baby’s nursery need not be a rocket science if you follow the simple steps we have listed above. A few money-saving tips such as opting for removable wallpapers peel and stick will ensure that planning your nursery won't break your bank and ensure that you have a beautifully decorated nursery.

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