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Buying Tips For The Perfect Adirondack Chair


The right pieces of furniture can easily spruce up any part of your home in an instant. And if you’ve chosen to go with adirondack chairs, you’ve chosen well. It has that easy-breezy, summertime and/or backyard feel that will suit the surroundings of your home. Hello, garden, porch, and lawn.

The question now is, “how can I choose the perfect one?” We’ve got a few easy guidelines you can follow for your next chair-shopping trip. 

Choosing Your Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Chair Type 

We’re setting this way up high on our list because much of the details of an Adirondack chair “type” will speedily have you decide on which one to cash in for above the rest. There are several chair categories, and they may vary depending on your supplier, but below are among the basics.  

“Classic” Or Traditional Chairs

Would you believe that Adirondacks have been around since the 1900s? Today’s “classic Adirondack chairs”, also referred to as “traditional” chairs very closely resemble the ones that were just as beloved during the said century. 

It’s a single-seater with a reclined back and a downward sloping seat. All for that relaxing vibe of being out in the sun or even on the beach. 

Two-Person Chairs 

Two-person chairs are basically two classics joined together. Only, it does not have a dividing armrest in between. 

Children’s Chairs 

Children’s Adirondacks are the smaller version of classics. In contrast, they sit closer to the ground than their “parent” chairs, for sitting comfort for kids as well as for safety. 

Camping Chairs 

Camping Adirondack seats are typically lightweight and are highly portable. These factors are exactly what makes them convenient to take with you on trips and vacations. They’re not as sturdy as their heavier, traditional counterparts. But when it comes to travel-friendliness and folding ease, this one’s a light-pack item. 

Adirondack Chair Plus Ottoman 

Here’s an innovation to the traditional Adirondack. It’s coupled with an ottoman. In case you’re feeling like stretching your legs, in addition to leaning back and having an all-chill morning or afternoon, get the chair plus its ottoman pair. 


Although material type points mainly towards the aesthetic appeal of the seat, it is inspected in terms of durability, too.


Cedar is highly rot-resistant. Due to its capacity to not store moisture, it offers good resilience against weathering elements. Ideal for any type of climate. Moreover, it’s a natural repellent against bugs! So if you plan to place this outdoors to be surrounded by greens, you can rest assured that bugs will keep away from it. 


Cypress wood is known to have “tight” grains. This implies that it will not easily warp or lose its original structure even over time. And similar to cedar, it’s a no-no for bugs. 


Mahogany is one of the most durable of the lot. Studies show that adirondack chairs which are sculpted from mahogany can stay on for 20 years or more. It can resist most organic organisms that tend to cause wood deterioration. 


Oak has beautiful wood grain. Since it’s water-resistant, it doesn’t stain as quickly as its cousins. It can withstand moisture and exposure to the sun’s rays while keeping its organic finish. 


The “round-shaped” prints that pine is renowned for is accomplished via staining. This print style is among its distinctive characteristics. Through careful maintenance, and due to its properties of rot and weather resistance, it can hold out through wear and tear, and through the years. 


Teak is another strong and enduring material. Furthermore, it requires little maintenance. Teak wood has exceptional levels of oil and rubber, allowing it to be almost completely unyielding to heat, moisture, pests, and rotting. 

Chair Design 

After you’ve nailed the key components of an Adirondack, feel free to get creative with the chair design of your choice. Have it blend in with the rest of your furniture and/or decor around your home’s exterior.

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