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Bring the Family Together with Table Topics - Family Edition #MBPMOMSDAY21 #REVIEW


Thanks to Table Topics for providing product for review. All thoughts shared are my own.

In a world of technology, it is so important to have family time to get us all off our screens and connecting with one another. I don't know about you, but sometimes when my teens are talking about what they're into I feel like they are speaking another language. Table Topics is a wonderful way to get everyone in the house together to bring some great conversation to the table!

My husband and I first played Table Topics when we were on a getaway together and we were impressed with the questions it asked. Some were silly, but some were very poignant, and opened the door for conversations on topics we, after 24 years together, didn't know the answers to. We were astonished.

When the Family Edition came across my path, I was really excited to use it with my family. I knew from experience it would get them talking. I was worried my teens would not be into it and I would struggle to engage them. That was not the case at all! We laughed and teared up too. They shared stories from their lives and got to hear about their mom and dad too!  We all enjoyed it, from my 12-year-old to my husband, who is 53. It really brought us together. 


My 12 year old said, "Some of the questions hit close to home and brought real reactions. It was fun to play with the family. I think it's pretty fun and brought the family together!" My 16-year-old, who likes to be alone, asks to play it whenever we get the chance. My 19 year old said, "I'd be happy to play it again, anytime." If that is not high praise from teenagers, I don't know what would be!

My family highly recommends Table Topics - Family Edition to bring your family together and share life with one another. The questions may stretch you, but the memories you make playing will last a lifetime!

Want it? Get it!

I know you're going to want to try these for yourself, so go ahead and hop over to Table Topics to look around at all the different editions they have available. 

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Which Edition of Table Topics would you most like to try?

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