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Beautiful Wooden Standing Desk from HARMONI #MBPMOMSDAY21 #REVIEW

Thank you to Harmoni for the product to review. The opinions are my own.

Are you looking for a great present for Mother's or Father's Day? I want to help you out! 

Sitting for long hours at a desk to work on a computer has unhealthy effects on your neck and back. Some say it is better to stand while working to provide better posture. Harmoni has a beautiful, balanced, portable stand-up desk just for that. It provides space for all you need for your computer and provides a healthy way to be productive. 

My husband is an instructor at a community college. This year has been different due to COVID and he has worked from home. That means a lot of time at our table on the computer preparing his online classes and grading. His neck and back began aching more and more. I noticed he would move the kitchen counter so he could stand rather than sitting at the table. Harmoni to the rescue!

Most standing desks are bulky and industrial, the Harmoni desk is elegant and modern. The desk is easy to adjust for your personal needs. The affordable desks are designed and crafted with strong and sustainably sourced birch plywood and available in natural birch, walnut, maple, or oak to fit any office space. You can also purchase a bag to store it in or to take with you when you need to work somewhere other than home!

My hubby has been using the desk for a couple weeks now. He says, "It is easy to assemble, easy to adjust for your height and eye level, doesn't take up a tremendous amount of space, but has adequate space for a keyboard and a mouse on the lower level. It eliminated my slumping because my screen is now at eye-level, releiving some back pain. My legs have gained strength because they are my support. My hands and arms are at a proper height and level for work." 

Overall, he is very pleased with the product. It has become his go-to when working. My children have gotten in on using it as well for their online schooling or browsing the web. It is great for your posture and can add to the decor of you home. This is sure to be something the whole family can enjoy!

Want It? Get It!

Harmoni Designs products are available for purchase on their website, but you can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram so you stay up to date on brand new products! 



  1. that's really neat. i'd luv it.cept it dozn't move fwd.that's the bad thing.:)

  2. This is really awesome! I absolutely love it!


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