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Beautiful, Modern Furniture for Your Cat with Tuft & Paw #REVIEW #MBPSPRING21

Fur babies are important parts of our family. Anyone else like to spoil theirs? I have two cats that mean the world to me. Their fluffy snuggles and love bring much joy to our household. When it comes to supplies for their care, there are litter boxes, scratch furniture, toys, beds, and many other things we like to spoil them with, but many of these items can be eyesores in our home. Tuft & Paw has beautiful, modern-styled cat furniture for your every need. 

Tuft+Paw is a cat-first brand, raising the standards of cat products by focusing on behavioral research, modern design, and quality. Tuft+Paw creates modern, earnestly designed cat furniture that meets a cat’s needs, and enhances the spaces you share.

Tuft & Paw sent me the Beckon cat bed. It has an angled column of bent plywood that gives it a dynamic sense of movement. This unexpected curve provides your cat the functional ease of climbing into this cozy oval bed. The protected inner corner of the bed is a great place for private cat naps. The comforting cover is made to last and protects a specially designed foam insert.

It took about a week for my cats to warm up to the beautifully crafted Beckon cat bed from Tuft & Paw.  Once they decided it was worth investigating, it finally passed the test for our Miette. It is now his favorite perch to both watch birds and squirrels from the window and to sleep in with the sun on him. He is unwilling to share it with his brother, Ducky, so my selfish Miette is the only one using it. If he isn't eating or playing, this is where he spends his time.

Miette likes that I placed it by the window for him. I like that it fits my decor and is a beautiful piece of furniture that enhances the space we share with our fur babies. 

Tuft & Paw has everything you need for your cat - various litter boxes and items for sleeping, playing, climbing, and eating - with a modern style. 

Their products are available for purchase on their website, but you can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram so you stay up to date on brand new products!


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