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Beanie is Five! How We Celebrated Her Milestone Birthday Covid-Style


What a wonderful Easter weekend we had, celebrating our youngest's fifth birthday! Since Bean's birthday fell on Easter Sunday, we had a double celebration with our family. It was twice as nice, especially since we all spent Easter 2020 alone in our own homes. We kept our celebration limited within our family bubble, and felt a little better gathering knowing that most of the adults had already gotten their COVID vaccines. We feasted, hunted for eggs, had birthday cake and presents, and even continued the celebration the following day!

We enjoyed opening gifts together for the first time in over a year! It was so nice to have the family gathered around for such a nice afternoon and celebration.

Bean helped me make this adorable Easter Peeps Dirt Cake for our double celebration. It was a big hit!

The dirt cake was so yummy that we hardly had any left! I only hoped that I would get to taste it!

No Easter is complete without an egg hunt!

We were exhausted after spending the morning at church, going home to cook, and the hosting the family for Easter lunch and fun. It's the very best kind of exhausted, though, and it's something that we absolutely love to do.

The next day, we took a trip to Charlotte, so we could take Bean to the American Girl store for her birthday. This was her present from mommy and daddy. Ever since she was a tiny thing, I have dreamed of sharing my love of American Girl dolls with my daughter. She received her first AG doll a couple of years ago, and then got her second doll for Christmas 2020. It was such a special experience to take her to the store to look, play, and choose her own doll. While we didn't come home with the doll I thought we were going to, I was so happy for Bean to choose a doll she really wanted. She chose Blaire, and one of Blaire's accessory packs, and we've been happily playing with her (and the other two AG dolls) ever since we got home last night.

Bean and Blaire, American Girl Doll of the Year 2019.

Sharing this with Beanie is the absolute best! I know she'll grow out of this one day, so I am savoring every moment that I can get. We might be a little American Girl obsessed at the moment.

Needless to say, Bean had a wonderful birthday- definitely one to remember!

How was your Easter weekend?

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