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Backyard Ziplines Will Have Your Kiddos Begging For More Outdoor Time This Summer #MBPSummer21

Thanks so much to Backyard Ziplines for sending product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

The pandemic of 2020 really shook up our world. 

For the first time in my children's lives, they were forced to stay home for extended periods of time. For many of you, this is the norm. Maybe you homeschool your children or have little ones who are not in school just yet. For many, the "staying home" aspect of the pandemic didn't change too much about your regular lives. It certainly did not impact my life as much as others, as my husband and I both work from home. 

However, my children were very much used to going and doing. They love to be active and be in the community. We have always encouraged this and are happy to take them all over, whether it be church, parks, vacations, excursions etc. 

Finding ourselves at home more and more caused me to really put into perspective the activities on our property that my children have access to. We live on three and half acres, much of which is heavily wooded. I never would have imagined that our wooded area would allow the needed space for a zipline, but every time I would see a zipline, I would dream of the possibility! 

After talking it over with my husband and scoping out 80 feet of space for a zipline, I reached out to Backyard Ziplines and was over the moon when they decided to partner with Mommy's Block Party! I knew I had to go straight to the source for the absolute BEST zipline on the market. When the package arrived in the mail, my husband decided to get it set up before my two sons came home from school.

These days, I find myself seeking every opportunity to surprise my children with exciting things! Even if it's something as simple as an ice cream, I love to give surprises to anyone, whenever possible. My boys have friends with a zipline and though it had been years since they visited, they remembered and talked about it often. 

My husband was able to set up and install the Airtime Zipline in no time at all! Being that he is 6'5", he was able to easily hang the line tall enough on the trees without needing a ladder. How high you hang your zipline will really depend on your riders. 

My two boys are 8 and 10 and both weigh under 65 pounds. When it was installed, I tested the zipline out myself and could see that with my body weight, it pulled low to the ground which we felt would be an good indicator that our boys would perfectly hang higher on the line!

The quality of this zipline is second to none. Here you can see the spring brake at the end of the line. I love this feature! You can read more about the features here on the website. This particular line can be run up to 100 feet and this entire system, including the seat is $215. The 50 foot set is $115. Depending on how much space you have, Backyard Ziplines has the perfect set for your yard. 

As you can see from the gigantic smiles, my boys were completely shocked about their new zipline! We arrived home from school and still in their uniforms, they rushed into the woods to see why on earth their old run down playhouse was now there.

My husband used an old playhouse that we had thought about scrapping and turned it into the jumping point for the zipline. It could not have worked out better!

It didn't take long at all for the boys to get the hang of the zipline. They grabbed onto the handles, jumped up and onto the seat and away they went! Over and over they would fly down the line and run it back to the starting point. 

During a time when our family has needed to stay home, Backyard Ziplines have truly provided the most fun and excitement for my kids. They can't wait to get home from school and rush to the woods! The only issue we have had is the arguing over who gets to the line first. Brothers...

If you've been contemplating a zipline for your yard, Backyard Ziplines is the place to purchase your kit. Their kits come with everything you need to ensure a perfectly installed zipline. The directions are clear, customer service is right there if you need them and the quality is above and beyond. 

It is an investment, but with something like a zipline, your family will enjoy it for years to come and it's worth every penny to get the very best. 


If you're on the fence, head over to Backyard Ziplines and read about the various kits they have to offer. I have shared about my personal experience and will be a fan of this company for life. They also have different accessories too so be sure to check them out! Make sure you stay connected with Backyard Ziplines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well. Stick with the best!

Thanks so much to our friends at Backyard Ziplines. Thanks to you, home has never been more fun!




  1. This is so cool! I think my boys would be scared at first but very quickly warm up to this!

  2. This looks like a fun time. I need to try this!


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