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Baby Update.... Will it be a He or a She?


Today's the day we've been waiting for! Today, hubby and I will head to my OB's office for an ultrasound to reveal baby #3's gender. Our kids have been on pins and needles for weeks, wanting to find out if they will soon have a new baby brother or sister. I don't have a preference, and neither does Sacha, though we agree that our girl baby was easier on us than our boy baby.

B has told us that he is 'so over' the princess vibe in our home and that he hopes it's a boy. Beanie, of course, wants a baby sister? Which kiddo will get their wish? Either way, this sweet baby is already incredibly loved by the four of us, our family and friends, and lots of other people we know and love.

I'm so ready to find out the gender so I can plan. I've been wondering if I need to shop for newer clothes for a baby boy, or if I can get by with what we have left from our last baby girl. Will I be adding little pink touches to a botanical themed nursery, or adding more grays, greens, and maybe hints of blue?

We're incredibly excited to know, to tell the kids, and then share with our fam and friends!

Most everyone has guessed that we're having a boy... will they be right?

Stay tuned to find out!

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