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5 essential women's accessories for summer 2021


The heat has finally arrived and those of us who have not yet been able to escape from the city are counting the hours for our first swim in the sea. Along with your favorite sandals, new bikini and dress for the end of the year, you cannot miss your accessories to complete all your summer looks. But Summer is the hardest season for our favorite jewels, sand everywhere, kilos of protector, sweat, chlorine and salt water are an inevitable part of the experience and the absolute terror of that piece that you love so much.

The essential accessories for this summer, both for parties and events, are still more than necessary. It is true that we are facing an atypical summer, in which social life is not the same as before. However, we adapt to everything and, even with a mask and many precautions, weddings, communions, which were delayed at the time, have returned, and also meals with friends on vacation.

Jewelry is a must for any season of the year, summer is no exception. However, if you are looking for a genuine look, you should definitely go for handcrafted jewelry. Therefore, jewelry is still necessary. We could even say that more necessary than ever. Seeing ourselves well makes us feel better, raises our morale and makes us more willing than ever to face what comes next without losing optimism and the desire to enjoy life. 

Let's see the five ideas of essential accessories for this summer 

1. Some party earrings for summer events

Some party earrings are always necessary in the jeweler and this time we propose some party earrings, in gilded silver and quartz. It’s very easy to combine earrings that are ideal for any occasion, both at night and during the day, always giving a touch of class to whoever wears them. Perfect both with collected hair and with loose hair.

2. A nice casual and elegant ladies watch

A casual watch is a perfect choice for this summer. Its informal design is very much in keeping with these dates and is very attractive, both to wear during the day and to go out at night. A steel watch can attract attention for its steel tone and for its beautiful dial that attracts all eyes. A steel watch will be a must-have this summer, especially because of its low price that makes it even more attractive.

3. A rigid silver bracelet

Rigid bracelets are elegant and very sophisticated. This piece has the advantage of having a matching ring in case you want to have the whole set. A rigid bracelet has a hinge mechanism to be able to open it and place it on the wrist or wear it a little higher snug on the arm. Its sinuous shape wraps the skin and draws a lot of attention thanks to its silver tone that contrasts with the brunette that most women wear at this time of year. 

4. A nice and simple necklace

Summer is time for necklines, to show off the neck and therefore the necklaces. Our recommendation is an elegant and original rigid necklace in silver with oriental inspiration. A silver-plated piece with a unique presentation that draws on the ancient Chinese culture, in which simplicity is synonymous with elegance and beauty. The necklace has a very original shape that will highlight the beauty of any woman's neck. In winter, it can also be combined over a black turtleneck dress or, thanks to its simplicity, over any dark turtleneck sweater.

5. A customizable coin pendant

Simple, harmonious and very elegant, the fully customizable 18 gold coin pendant is perfect, as a gift with your initial. Just because you are worth it and you deserve it. A beautiful pendant that you can wear with a short or long chain depending on the way you want to wear it and that will look beautiful in any way.

Its small size makes it also ideal to attach to a bracelet with an important date. Two ways to use this coin or pin pendant that is sure to become one of your favorite pieces, not only for the summer, but for the whole year. It is the type of jewel that does not tire and that can be worn daily.

These are our ideas for essential accessories for this summer, but of course, you can find other novelties and also pieces of always that you can still buy.

What should you do once you have your dream summer accessories? 

By throwing your favorite jewels into the suitcase, you run the risk of them crushing or scratching each other or against other objects you have packed. Take a moment and store your pieces in a rigid container. If you don't have any of our beautiful boxes on hand, you can use a small tupperware, a tin of mints or even the old fluo pink box where you kept your gadgets. 

Just make sure the container is clean and dry, and wrap each piece in a soft fabric or tissue so they do not scratch each other during the trip. When you're not using them, put them back in their container and keep it in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving them in the sun's rays; heat can soften metal and warp it, while resin parts can become discolored and dull from excessive heat. Do not leave your jewelry on the bathroom counter, the accumulation of moisture and steam on your pieces can dull their shine.

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