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10 Things You Need to Know About Siamese Cats


We’ve come a long way since those very racist caricatures found in Lady and The Tramp, but not many people know much about this elusive breed.

As one of the most popular housecats in the world, it’s no surprise you’re interested in bringing one home.

Keep reading to discover some of the information you need to know before welcoming one of these beautiful felines into your life.

Top Ten Siamese Cat Facts

1. They All Have The Same Color Eyes

Although they might vary in shades and intensity, every Siamese cat is pointed, which means they all have beautiful blue eyes, like shiny sapphires! You’ll probably find yourself hypnotized into giving them plenty of treats if you stare too long...

2. Their First Depiction Is From Ancient History

Pictured in the Tamra Maew or Cat-Book Poems, which is believed to have come from the Ayutthaya Kingdom between 1351 and 1767 AD, they have been around for centuries! Legend suggests an old King of Burma found and read their important poem, which led to their reputation as an especially royal feline. This makes the Siamese one of the oldest cat breeds in living history!

3. They Can Change Color Depending On The Temperature!

With their DNA featuring what’s known as a ‘modifier gene’, when their bodies are less than around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the genes for coat coloring activate. Therefore, you’ll be able to notice more pigment than usual if they are chilly, especially around the tail, paws, and nose, where their bodies are naturally cooler.

4. Siamese Is A Natural Breed

This simply means that the distinguishable pattern of their coat was the result of a genetic mutation and not continued breeding of species until a new one developed.
It also means that they are recognized by all official cat organizations as a legitimate breed, from the World Cat Federation to The International Cat Association.

5. In Thailand They Have A Totally Different Name

We Westerners christened them Siamese cats - their accurate and culturally sensitive name is Wichienmaat, pronounced WITCH-EEYN-MAT! This Thai breed is visually and behaviourally similar to that of those found in the US, but they tend to be smaller and more slender in size. Nobody is saying you have to call them this instead, but hey, you can do so if you want.

6. They Are Incredibly Talkative Cats 

Sure, you might not understand what they’re saying, but your Siamese cat will certainly try and talk to you all day every day. With a distinguishably gravelly sounding meow, you’ll certainly know about it if you do something wrong. Don’t try and walk away either - they’ll follow you! Those who hate background noise (or mewls) might look elsewhere for a quieter breed.

7.  They Love Their Humans Fiercely

And they’re not afraid to show it! They have a tendency to go wherever you are - so don’t be surprised if they start showing up where you least expect it, like to keep you company when you poop! If you’re not interested in sharing your chair, bed or lap with a cat, then a Siamese kitty probably isn’t for you. As a breed, they get lonely or fed up pretty quickly, which will then likely be taken out on your soft furnishings. 

8. They Work Best In Pairs

The very insensitive Disney depiction got one thing right - Siamese cats are much happier when they have a friend to hang out with. They hate being by themselves, so if you’re not around (say, having to work all day every day) it’s best to get them some company. Together they’re pretty clever though, so make sure your house is suitably cat-proofed before you move in two!

9. President Rutherford B Hayes Had One!

Yes, our nineteenth US President was gifted a Siamese cat back in 1878, by a US diplomat stationed out in Thailand named David Sickels. You can find his original letter in Ohio at the Rutherford Hayes Presidential Center. This might be why they’re found in so many popular American movies and TV shows.

10. You Can Find Gorgeous Siamese Cross Species

When bred with other purebred cats, you’ll find some incredibly rare and beautiful combinations; our favorite is the flame-point siamese! You’ll also notice that all breeds of Siamese come in four different variations of coat color: lilac point, chocolate point, seal point and blue point. Each has a beautiful and distinctive coloration you’re sure to fall in love with!

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