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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-Easter Prep


Happy Saturday, friends! Apparently the days blending together situation has not improved too much, as I recently just remembered Easter is next weekend 😳 I guess now is a good time to get to work on our Easter plans.

We are still being cautious and avoiding large gatherings, so this year we will be doing the same thing as last year. There's just a small problem with this, I really cannot remember what we did for Easter last year, at all! All of my pictures and social posts for last Easter relate in some way to R's birthday, which was the day after. 

I am sure that we stayed home and I cooked,  I just don't remember it. The fact that I didn't take any pictures of our 2020 Easter celebration makes me kind of sad. I know it was a bizarre time, but having no pictures is just strange. 

This year, we will definitely be home and I will absolutely be cooking AND taking lots of pictures. First though, I have to do some prep work that includes making sure our dining room table is cleared off and making some cute and easy crafts to use as decorations. Cleaning and crafting will take place this weekend and I'll be sure to put the girls 'baskets' together during the week while they are occupied with school. 

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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