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Tips For Buying A New Car

If you've been thinking about buying a new car recently but are unsure of what to do, or even where to begin, look no further. Buying a car can be a daunting task, there are endless options, numerous dealerships, style choices, and finance options, just to name a few. But you shouldn't let any of those things deter you from buying the car you want or need. With just a few simple tips, car shopping can go from a nightmare to dreams that really do come true! 

  • Decide On Your Budget. 

They might seem like a no-brainer, however, people will often assume they can afford a certain car or amount without looking into what those numbers really look like. Many dealership websites or financial institutions will have a payment calculator where you can input the vehicle amount, APR, downpayment, and what you think your credit is. Based on these things, it will give you an estimated breakdown of what you can roughly expect your monthly payment to be. So if you are looking to keep your payments under $400 a month and don't want to put much down, you'll have a good idea of what the total amount of money is, that you should be saving for or expect to be financing. Talk with your bank and ask them what finance options are available to you before you go to the dealership. Call local dealerships and ask who they finance through and check out each company before you make a decision. 

  • Research Vehicles

Once you have decided on your budget, you can start to research more about the vehicles you can afford. If you have your heart set on a certain vehicle, read anything and everything you can about the vehicle. Is the vehicle reliable? Have there been any recent recalls on the vehicle? Is there a large amount of the same vehicle on the lot? If yes, these could be signs to look for a different vehicle. If you want a car that gets a lot of miles per gallon, make sure to look at fuel economy and see if your dream care fits that criteria. If you want a great 4x4, check into purchasing an SUV like the new Toyota RAV4 or Truck that can do the hard work for you!   Whatever vehicle you decided on, make sure that you know all about it when the time comes to make the big purchase. You could even click here to check the invoice price of a specific car, which could give you an upper hand when negotiating with a dealer. Call and get quotes from your insurance company on whatever vehicle you are looking to add. 

  • Research Dealerships

Most people can agree that when it comes to buying a new car, finding the right dealership, like Fred Martin Nissan, can make a huge difference in your car buying experience. Ask people you know that have recently purchased a new vehicle. Where did they buy it? Who was their salesman? Did they have a good experience? Did the dealership offer them anything while they waited? How quick was the process? If you don't know anyone who has purchased a new vehicle recently, go online and read reviews of local dealerships. Find key points in the reviews and make a pro and con list if need be. You can also call the dealership and ask to speak with the general manager. From there, make sure to have your list of questions ready to go. You can also check out buy here pay here companies for great options on preowned vehicles.

  • Making The Big Purchase

After doing all of your research, and deciding on which vehicle to purchase and what dealership to go to, you'll want to make sure you have everything you need. Are you trading in a vehicle? If so, make sure to have an idea of what your car's trade-in value is beforehand. This can help cut down on a lot of back and forth and upset if it's not valued at what you think it should be. Make sure to bring along the vehicle's title and any paperwork you might have for it. If you are paying in cash, make sure to have the correct amount needed for the vehicle. Nothing's worse than having to find a bank or atm at the last minute. If financing and making a down payment, make sure to call your bank and let them know that you are making a large purchase. Bring your checkbook or have the correct cash amount for your down payment. Most dealerships will not allow you to use a debit card to make your purchase. Read through the paperwork before signing, and ask them to explain anything you don't understand. Signing all the paperwork can be a lengthy process, but don't feel bad if you need something explained, you're making a large purchase and should understand what you are signing for. 

  • Insurance

Congrats, you've just bought yourself a new car! Now, before you leave the lot, call your car insurance provider and remove the car you traded-in, and add your new car. Never leave a dealership without having insurance! Don't ever assume the risks and drive off without it. If you don't have insurance and were to wreck after leaving the dealership, you'll be liable to pay for all the repairs, assuming the wreck is your fault. If the payment is too high, you can always shop around for a better quote, after you have made your purchase and brought your car home. 

Hopefully, these tips will help make your next car-buying experience as smooth as butter! Don't rush the process, take your time and do your research, it'll make all of the difference in the long run! Now, go out and enjoy that new car of yours! This post brought to you by Fred Martin Nissan.


  1. I've been wanting to get a new car for a while. Thanks for sharing these useful tips!


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