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4 Ways to Help With Anxiety

This pandemic really has our world turned upside down, and we don't know what tomorrow will bring.  No wonder a lot of us are experiencing anxiety.  I feel it has become the NORM for many individuals in the world today. 

We are exposed every day through the internet, social media, and other forms of media. We are shown all of the bad things taking place across the entire globe. Furthermore, we are expected to juggle so many more responsibilities at one time, all while being as productive as possible. That's a joke! 

Although anxiety has different intensity and frequency from person to person, but there are a few ways to deal with the problem that is beneficial for anyone experiencing this issue. 

This article intends to discuss a few of these techniques to alleviate some of your anxiety, hopefully improving your overall quality of life.  

Live In The Moment

It may seem obvious when stated, the only point in time in which you will EVER exist is right now. However, most of us dedicate the bulk of our mental energy to the past or future. Anxiety is great at causing us to replay past mistakes in our heads and constantly worry about things that have yet to occur.

A big part of dealing with anxiety is living in the moment. This means focusing all of your physical and mental energy on what is going on right now. Not only does this simplify life, but it also allows you to get the most out of your time.  

Worrying about the past or even the future is not doing you any good! Trying to deal with your entire past and future on a constant battle and doesn't allow you to appreciate what is right in front of you.

Control What You Can Control

Think about this...most of the issues causing anxiety in your life are beyond your control. This includes global and community issues as well as problems in your personal life. We can't fix the world; we barely can fix it in our own homes, so stop worrying about what you can't control. 

What you need to realize is that the weight of the world is NOT on your shoulders, even though it can certainly seem like it at times. Anxiety tells you that you should be worried about solving problems that are way out of your hands. Anxiety wants to control all aspects of your life, don't let it. 

You need to focus on the issues that you actually have the ability to resolve, and that is a much healthier response.  Your mind and body will thank you! 

It’s Okay To Not Feel Okay

The feeling of isolation is probably the number one stress factor. People experiencing anxiety daily tend to feel like they are the only ones dealing with this issue. But it is okay to take a day here and there for mental recharge.  

We all need to rest from the world problems or even from what is happening in our own home. When you feel "off," then go for a walk- getting out in nature helps ground us.  When I can't go for a walk but need to ground myself, I go outside and let my feet hit that grass.  Take some deep breaths, and you will notice a change. 

One of the biggest issues is being separated from our loved ones but I see that coming to an end soon, with all the vaccines being done daily. My parents already got theirs done so next month I am traveling to go see them. 

Remember, you are not the only one dealing with issues; it is how you deal with them that is important. Everyone around you is experiencing some degree of anxiety or mental hang-up. You are far from alone. Don’t feel like you have to go through life acting as if everything is okay when it isn’t.

Ways to help you ease the anxiety

  • Go for walks/exercise. 
  • Try aromatherapy 
  • Crafting 
  • Journaling 
  • Talking with friends 

If none of this helps, then please reach out to a doctor. 

Get Help If You Need It

Finally, if your anxiety is something you are having trouble dealing with on your own, don’t! There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking professional help for this issue. Ironically, our society welcomes getting help for even minor physical ailments but acts as if doing the same for a serious mental issue is taboo.

Consider this, if you had the flu, you would most certainly seek the appropriate doctor to take care of it. Why would you not seek a medically trained doctor in alleviating mental health issues if you are dealing with anxiety? There is help out there; get it if you need it! Don't be scared to ask for help! 

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