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The Outrageous Effect of Sudden Deafness


Do you know why sudden deafness takes place?

Sudden deafness is not like the “regular” hearing loss issues that we see every day.  

The main difference between “hearing loss” and “sudden deafness” is:

When you have “hearing loss,” it can be cured with a hearing device or any other means of treatment. 

On the other hand, sudden deafness is not like that at all!! Instead, it’s more genetic!!!

You are likely to have sudden deafness if your parents or grandparents had any of these issues. This condition is not “age-dependent,” which means you don’t need to be an old man to have this condition!!!

Moreover, deafness, in this case, is primarily permanent but can also be temporary, depending on the situation.

Through this article, I’ll tell you about all the ins and out of this condition and the outrageous effects it can have!!!

Sudden Deafness: A Summary

Sudden deafness is more genetic!!! That means, in many cases, patients tend to inherit this condition due to various reasons. 

This condition is mainly seen in people who are aged from 30 to 60 years. But that doesn’t mean young people can’t have it!!! As it’s a genetic issue so there is no assurance that it will only affect in the late 30s.

 The hearing loss with this condition might be mild or even severe; it entirely depends on the situation of the ear. And in many cases, patients stated that the hearing loss took place very rapidly.

Patients who had vertigo or were having symptoms of this claimed that their hearing loss got even worse. Through this, it was clear that people with vertigo tend to develop hearing loss!!!!

Causes of Sudden Deafness

Researchers are still trying to figure out what causes sudden deafness, but so far, they have come up with some obvious reasons that are mostly responsible for this condition.

  • Inner ear diseases (can be of any types)

  • Deformability of the red blood cells

  • Sickle Cell ( a condition of red blood cell)

  • Meniere’s disease

  • Leukemia

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Myeloma

  • Inner ear infection

  • Ototoxicity (hearing or balance problems)

There are more diseases and conditions for which sudden deafness can be the ultimate outcome. 


Migraine is very common among people. But the shocking news is that researchers have also found that even migraines can cause sudden deafness within people.

Migraine simply means severe headache. So scientists are still finding it “quite meaningless” how migraine can be associated with sudden deafness. So they are always looking for relevant answers to this.

Although there have been cases of pregnancy leading to sudden deafness, it’s very rare. So it really shouldn’t be a headache because “exceptions cannot be an example”!!!

Effects On People Due To Sudden Deafness

Hearing loss can be a significant issue for many people!!!!

Just imagine you are suffering from hearing loss. When you are trying to communicate with your friends or family, you cannot listen to them properly because one of your ears is permanently damaged.

How would you feel?

It can be very frustrating and depressing for many people because they are not used to this “new life.” Moreover, you are not able to maintain the proper communication with them.

Even people feel embarrassed to wear hearing devices because they don’t want people to notice their “weakness.” 

As a result, they isolate themselves from society and people or even cut down all the connections with their friends and family. “Depression becomes their only partner”!!!

Th, ere have also been cases where people committed suicide out of this frustration!!!!

So, in this case, family members play an essential role in boosting up their self-esteem. You should always encourage and motivate them to bring themselves out of this state.

Because if they keep themselves isolated from the world, it can prove fatal!!! Therefore, make sure to give them proper time and try to understand their needs and desires. 

Furthermore, don’t let them even feel that they are all alone in this fight!!!! 

Suggested Treatments And Diagnosis For Sudden Deafness

The medical world has developed drastically!!!! They even found a few possible solutions for this sudden hearing loss.

Doctors have recommended a few of the diagnosis that might come in handy:

  • Audiometric testing can be very beneficial

  • Going through MRI tests can help to see whether there are any tumors present in the brain, as this can also be responsible for sudden deafness. 

  • CBC and FTA blood tests can also be taken under the action 

Nevertheless, if you are permanently deaf in any one of your ears, it can really prove to be a bone in the throat!! So in these cases, doctors have highly recommended using oral steroids. As they think it’s going to be very beneficial for the patients who have sudden hearing loss.

One of the options can be the use of hearing aid devices. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that hearing aids are specially designed for people who have hearing loss.

But it won’t be that much of a help if one of your ears is permanently damaged.

So what if it’s not a permanent hearing loss? Can you still use a hearing device?

The answer is YES!!

Unless or until it’s not permanent deafness or a mild hearing loss, you can surely get yourself a hearing aid. 

These devices come in various designs and features. And you can wear them anytime you want. This will help you to hear what people around you are saying. And you can very easily communicate with your family and friends. 

Therefore, you’ll be able to come out of that state of isolation and start leading a normal life!!!

Final Words

Sudden hearing loss is not an easy thing to handle!!!! Those who suffer from this only know how painful it can be!!!

When you want to communicate and participate in a conversation but you can’t because of a condition that disables your hearing can indeed be frustrating.

So it’s necessary for you to always stay by their sides who are battling this condition alone.

I hope this article will now let you know about the outrageous effects of sudden deafness!!

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