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Ah, spring! It's so close I can almost taste it, and you all, I have spring fever! Do you have it, too? I tend to get the winter blues and deal with true seasonal depression. Since I found out I was pregnant in January, I made the decision to go off of my anti-depressant, which can make some days seem totally gloomy. Recently, however, the weather has been lovely with warmer temperatures, and in just a week's time, I have seen flowering trees exploding with new blossoms all over town. 

In my own yard, I have absolutely gorgeous weeping cherry trees which drape over our fence- they literally line the property line between our house and our next door neighbor. Technically, the trees are on his property, but we so enjoy the beauty of their blooms. I've been itching to get outside and start working in my garden beds since February, but I knew it was too early to do much of anything. As weeds are popping up, I'm joyously pulling them out. It may sound strange, but it's an amazing way for me to relieve stress, so I actually enjoy the task.

Weeping cherry tree buds ready to bloom!

When we moved into our new home last spring, we quickly noticed that the yard had once been beautifully landscaped, and I vowed to take it over and restore it to its original beauty, perhaps even adding to it with new plantings. While it's still early in the season, I've bought a few plants, have hung ferns on the front and back porches, and have transplanted hardy Creeping Jenny, and lots of baby Black Eyed Susans. My hydrangeas are budding, as are my roses, and I know that come May, they'll be blooming like crazy. I see my verbena putting out new growth, my salvia plants' green shoots popping up, and soon, the foxglove will follow. Our Lenten Rose didn't take to its new environment, which saddened me, but I'm hoping to add something a bit more shade-loving to its former spot. Columbine, clematis, coleus, and impatients are all waiting for me to add them to this beautiful space.

This area is currently being worked on (mulching, cleaning beds out, planting new grass in the actual yard), but look at the pretty cascade of the cherry blossoms! Soon, the entire fence will be covered by those blossoms overhead.

For now, I sit on the back porch in the mornings if the temperature is warm enough, enjoying the calming sound coming from the garden fountain, watching the birds enjoy their meals at our feeders, and thanking God for such simple pleasures in life. My garden truly is my happy place, and I cannot wait to do more as it becomes warmer.

If you can't seem to find me online, I'm likely at my potting bench.

Wishing you a beautiful week,

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