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New Must-Have Products for Mom & Baby from Medela + #Giveaway #MBPMOMANDBABY21


Thanks to Medela for providing me with product to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own.

When I found out that I was expecting in January, a million thoughts raced through my mind. One of the biggest questions that I kept asking myself was: What was leftover from my last pregnancy and our last baby nearly five years prior? Since this is baby #3, I pretty well know what I can live without during pregnancy and those first few months of a new baby's life. On the flip side, I know what I do need, and which brands I know, love, and trust the most.

One of my favorite brands for mom and baby products is none other than Medela. My knowledge of Medela has only grown over the past ten years, when I tried out my very first breast pump, which just so happened to be a Medela product. Medela knows moms and babies, and knows what they need to feel soothed, comforted, and supported throughout pregnancy and infancy.

Introducing Medela Baby

Medela has newly launched Medela Baby, a new line of baby care products, which are wonderful for moms and their sweet babes. This collection is part of Medela’s initiative to support families and babies beyond breastfeeding. Medela Baby features a full range of pacifiers for infants through 36 months and the collection includes four styles of pacifiers.

Medela's new pacifiers are the perfect choice for baby and mom.

One of my biggest issues with pacifiers is the dreaded nipple confusion that it can create for babies who are exclusively breastfeeding. My breastfeeding journey with my son only lasted for six months (and their were a lot of things that contributed to him stopping breastfeeding early on). With my daughter, it was easier, and she exclusively breastfed until about 1 1/2 years old. It was an easier time with her, simply due to more support and more breastfeeding education.

Medela's Newborn Pacifiers are the smallest and lightest design, developed for babies under two months of age, features an extra light and small symmetrical teat to fit smaller babies’ mouth. Made of very soft and flexible silicone, allowing baby to easily squeeze at this early stage of tongue and muscle development. They also come in a self-cleaning case. Just add water and microwave to clean and sterilize. Talk about convenience.

While I haven't tried the pacifiers with my baby yet, I cannot wait for our sweet baby girl to be soothed by these, if she'll take a pacifier. I love the way they look and feel, and I plan to gradually add the other sizes to our collection, so we have those on hand as baby grows.

Products for Cleaning

Medela also has lots of awesome products for cleaning and sanitizing! 

Every breastfeeding mom knows that breastfeeding is a job in and of itself- whether you're feeding or pumping, they often go hand in hand, and involve a lot of time, prep, and clean-up. Having the right products on hand helps make it a smooth transition from session to session. I am looking forward to being able to clean up after feeding and pumping with Medela's Quick Clean products!

This collection includes:

How easy is it to use a wipe when you are feeding or pumping on the go?
I wish I'd had these the last time I pumped for my daughter. It would have been so much easier than the constant rinsing, wiping with paper towels, etc. No need for any of that with these wonderful wipes! Just drop them into the diaper bag or pump bag, and go!

Convenient portable cleaning, no need for soap and water cleaning after each pump session.

Another pump bag must-have! Ready to kiss the fear of germs and bacteria from pump parts goodbye? You need this easy to use and easy to love sanitizing spray for your pump! Again,  wish I'd had this product the last time I was pumping for a baby. Excited to be able to use it this time, and it's already been added to my pumping bag.

Quick Clean Breast Pump & Accessory Sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of germs on hard, non-porous surfaces with its safe, no rinse, no wipe formula.

I never liked putting my pump bottles into the dishwasher for cleaning or sanitizing. They always wound up cloudy-looking after they had been cleaned, and I was always left wondering if they were truly clean and safe for use, so I would go back and hand wash them all.

With the Micro-Steam Bags, I don't have to wonder whether or not the bottles and parts are getting truly cleaned. I can also bag them, and then sanitize them right in the microwave. Again, so easy!

Disinfect your breast pump breast shields, accessories, breast milk bottles, nipples, pacifiers and more in about 3 minutes.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Products for Mom

Lanolin is the #1 breastfeeding product I didn't know I needed when I was nursing my first baby.

I went into trying to breastfeed with zero knowledge about breastfeeding, and little support. The lactation consultant that my hospital sent in to work with me really helped me and my sweet boy get a good latch and start off strong. What I didn't realize was that breastfeeding would and could be so painful! I wasn't ready for chapped, cracked, bleeding nipples. Thankfully, the lactation consultant brought me some lanolin and instructed me to use it liberally. It saved me from quitting the whole breastfeeding process!

I loved receiving lanolin as a gift at my last baby shower, and now I'm putting Medela's Purlean Lanolin in my hospital bag, so I can have it with me when baby girl arrives. I can't wait to use this wonderful product!

In the first few days and weeks of breastfeeding, many women experience nipple soreness and dry skin. Purelan lanolin cream gives you fast relief for sore nipples and dry skin. Purelan creates a protective layer on skin’s surface and is absorbed deeply by the skin, where it rehydrates from within – restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance.

During pregnancy, and postpartum days, every mom deserves to be comfy!

After two previous pregnancies, I've learned how important it is to have the right products to help expecting moms feel comfortable. Things become uncomfortable so quickly during pregnancy, and the discomfort often continues postpartum.

For me, I'll be recovering from a c-section (my third!), and nursing a new baby, while learning how to live with a newborn and two older children. Talk about a challenge! God knows I love a challenge, though- wink! Medela's Maternity & Nursing Comfy Cami is the most comfortable cami I have ever worn. It is so silky smooth and comfortable, I want to wear it almost every day. The fabric is so nice, and supportive for growing breasts, and tummy. When baby is here, it easily snaps and unsnaps for easy access for nursing the baby.

This cami is beautiful and comfortable! I love wearing it!

I have been wearing the cami with regular clothing, and it has looked wonderful! After washing, I've worn it to sleep in, or just for general lounging, and have loved the extra comfort and support I have felt just from wearing it. I have the cami in black, and would love on in white, as well. I would advise to size up, or pay very close attention to the size chart. I went with the size I thought was right for me, and wished I had gone up one size for growing comfort. This cami would make a great gift for any new or expectant momma!

Made with soft, breathable fabric the Comfy Cami has a built-in wire-free bra is ideal for wearing under clothes, when relaxing or sleeping providing maximum comfort and gentle support, day or night

Want them? Get them!

All of these wonderful products are available at Medela online. You can also look for Medela products in stores near you, like Target. Stay connected with Medela on social media:

Want them? Win them!

One lucky reader will win ALL of the Medela products shown above (or a similar package as determined by Medela)! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Products will be shipped directly to the winner once winner's information is confirmed. Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Come back every day to get your entries in.

Special thanks to our friends at Medela for allowing me to share about their wonderful products for mom and baby, and for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway. Be sure to look for more from Medela in our 2021 Mom and Baby Guide.

Good luck!


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