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My 1 Year Old Pup Met A Boy During Her Time And Now We Wonder If She's Pregnant!

Back in February, our beloved puppy, Fiona had her first heat cycle. It was a magical time in her womanhood. 

Cue the laughter erupting from a face that could never stay straight, even typing the above sentence. It was the WORST 21 days, the absolute worst. We struggled to keep her situated and comfortable and washed more home linens than ever before. 

When we made it through the initial 21 days, we knew that female dogs would be pretty fertile the following weeks. We kept a close eye on our girl when she would go outside and because she is within an electric fence, she stays on our property, always.

In the weeks that followed her heat, something very unfortunate happened to a family that we came to find out lived just a mile or two away. Their handsome, male Doberman ran off when he saw a deer and had seemingly vanished into thin air. The "missing dog" signs began to pop up along the main road that connects the northwestern side of town which happens to be where we live. A man came to our home when he saw our pup outside on the front porch, wondering if she may be their missing boy. We took his phone number and promised to keep our eyes and ears peeled for their boy. 

There is a bit of a comradery to Doberman families. It's almost like being part of an elite club that you don't really understand until you join. I've heard it described as such and would just shake my head, before we joined! Now, I totally get it. It's such a special breed. My heart ached for this man and woman who had lost their baby. 

Around three days later, I noticed that in the morning time when I let Fiona outside to tinkle, she ran straight to the backyard. She began barking incessantly. It was so much so, I had to ask my husband to bring her in. I was worried she would bother the neighbor a few acres away! It was a bark I had never heard before. She had seen something. Could that have even been a second bark that I heard? My ears were playing tricks on me, or so I thought. 

We got her inside and I told my husband that I may have heard another bark but at the very least, she saw an animal. You see, Fiona adores people. She loves humankind so amazingly, but she will not allow a strange or unfamiliar animal to get close. 

When we got her inside, her fur was raised and I had a strange feeling about it, recalling that second bark I thought I had imagined hearing. 

The next morning, Fiona did the very same thing. Except this time, something told me to run to the back porch and look out of the window to hopefully be able to see what it was that had her so worked up. Sure enough, as I got to the glass door, I saw Fiona at the very back of our property, right before it dips into thick woods, barking. There, just before it disappeared, I saw the backside of Doberman bolting off into the thicket. 

I yelled for my husband and threw on a pair of house slippers (as that was the nearest footwear I could find!) and ran outside into the freezing, morning chill. I grabbed a bag of treats on my way out and began to yell for the dog. I yelled his name over and over, whistled and threw treats. I did everything I could to try and scan the woods and find the pup that I just KNEW had been the very pup that had gone missing days before.

My husband came running outside, pulling a sweatshirt over his head and went into the woods. He went deep enough that I lost sight of him but could still hear him calling for the lost pup. I decided to head back inside to fill in my kiddos on what was transpiring. We sat and waited. 

It felt like an eternity when my phone finally rang. It was my husband, calling me FROM the woods. He said he had spotted the dog, called the owner and they were on their way! 

I cannot tell you the immediate wave of relief and happiness that washed over my entire body. This boy had been missing for four days and as it turns out, he had found himself a beautiful girlfriend to chase after during his big adventure away from home!

Fiona on her way to the vet.

The owners were beside themselves with joy and we could not have been happier to have been able to aide in such an amazing reunion. 

That's a pretty neat story, I will admit. It's one that I will probably tell for years to come and I know my children will chime in their own experiences surrounding this adventure as well. However, once the dust settled, it occurred to me that our girl was MOST fertile during her morning rendezvous with this fella. The doctor told us that it is too soon to tell and we just need to wait and look for the telltale signs: lethargic, swollen nipples, protruding belly, change in appetite etc. 

The doctor said, "If she is pregnant, this is the most meant to be story I've heard. Two full blooded Dobermans."
I have to say, I couldn't agree more. My husband says, "No way. She would never let another dog get close enough to her." I think stranger things have happened...

Stay tuned to find out how this story ends! 


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  1. My cat's name is Fiona! I love Dobermans. My favorite breed.


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