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Thank you to Atoria's Family Bakery for providing great flatbreads in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

While I do draw some lines in the sand, I typically love all things bread. Bread can be sweet, can be sour, and can be used in so many creations! Yet, bread can be unhealthy. Processed loaf bread is full of sugars, preservatives, and things that we really just don't need to be eating when we are trying to stay healthy. Homemade bread tastes great, but for some, yeast is difficult to deal with, so what is one to do?

Seeking out healthy bread that is ready to eat and is somewhat sustainable is hard! Atoria's Family Bakery makes it easy for families to eat healthy and still have great bread options. This 30- yr old family bakery exists because one woman, Atoria, brought her love of Armenian Flatbreads to the United States. The bakery was born and the family has carried on the mission today. Atoria's products are made in a soy and dairy free facility and aim to be healthy as possible. These flatbreads are definitely amazing and something that everyone in your home will love! 

Traditionally, I've not often found flatbreads I enjoy. I love my PBJ and Toast, so I've found flatbreads to be hard, cumbersome, and not really meant for some foods I enjoy. Atoria's Flatbreads are great! They are thick enough to used for things like pizza, but are thin enough that sandwiches and toast still work. It has a different consistency than our white breads, of course, but definitely suitable! 

Most of Atoria's breads are classified as Lavash Flatbread. Lavash is a leavened oven-baked flatbread that is popular in countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Atoria's also offers Pita Bread, which is yeasted oven-baked breads, often having bubbles, that is popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean

I was sent a few different types of Atoria's breads to try out. I've eaten chicken salad in the pita bread. I've made a couple of different flatbread pizzas, and I've tried toast (using the oven, not the actual toaster). Of course, using regular bread is far better for toast, but it still works! 

PBJ Rollups are bound to be a fav!

Cauliflower and Coconut Mini Lavash: Perfect for everyday use, especially for kids. This new low carb and keto- friendly bread is great for wraps, dips, pinwheels, and flatbread pizza. This 6 count flatbread is only available as Mini Lavash. Mini Lavash is great for ready-to-make individual meals.. however you decide to make your meals! 

Traditional Mini Lavash: Also perfect for everyday use, this bread has no artificial flavorings, colorings, and uses non GMO ingredients. The Mini Traditional Lavash consists of 8 pieces of wonderfully sliced flatbread that will make you love all of your recipes! This is also available in a larger format with 5 sheets per bag. 

Whole Grain and Flax Lavash- This is large lavash, which would be great for families or friends looking to split meals. Each bag has 5 flatbreads that are Low Sodium, High Fiber, Vegan, Kosher. 

Other Lavash Breads offered are Mini Whole Grain and Flax, Spinach (whole sized) and Garlic & Herb (whole sized). I didn't have a chance to try out the Spinach or Garlic & Herb, but if anything like the rest of Atoria's Flatbreads, they will have excellent spice and taste! 

Whole Grain Pita: I have always loved pita breads for chicken salad, gyros, and much more. Pitas are a great source of bread without all of the carbs.. and soak up lots of sauce if added to a meal (like thai, Indian, or even pasta!). Pita's arrive as a 6 count and are low fat, good fiber, vegan, kosher. Pita bread also comes in a traditional flavor as well. 

Garlic Naan: Probably my absolutely favorite flatbread ever, and not easy to make in a small apartment, so I like leaving these to the professionals. Garlic Naan is hard to find in Grocery Stores so I am glad to know that Atoria's has them available! With the right spice amount, the right "puffyness" of the flatbread, these is a great addition to any meal! Naan consists of 2 flatbreads that are Vegan, made with 9 ingredients, Kosher, Cholesterol Free. Families can definitely share one flatbread, although, if you are like me, you can probably eat the entire thing by yourself! Traditional Naan is also available as well. 

Why should you look purchasing Atoria's Family Bakery products? Not only will you (and your children) absolutely LOVE them, you will be eating healthier, which is on every parent's dream goal for their children, right? Atoria's is committed to helping your little discover and love lavash- so that they can enjoy healthy food free of preservatives! 

Healthy filling pizza!

There are so many uses for flatbreads too! Pita and Flatbreads can turn into pizzas, sliced roll-ups, wraps, and even baked into chips! Great for breakfast burritos, tacos, lunches, and dinners- Lavash is so versatile. In fact, I made a flatbread pizza using ingredients right in my own fridge and didn't even worry about sauce! Using olive oil and my favorite veggies, dinner happened in less than 15 minutes!

If you are stuck, Atoria's does a great job at offering recipe ideas and tips! Like I said above, I love PB and Jelly.. most kids (and if you admit it, some adults) probably do as well. Atoria's PBJ Lavash Pinwheel is an excellent way to incorporate your favorites into healthy options! 

Subscribe to Atoria's E-News and receive a PDF Mini Lavash Recipe book that will meet any sweet or savory taste buds of your family! Wraps, Breakfasts, Chips, Sandwiches, Paninis= this PDF has it all for vegetarians, vegans, and meat-lovers! There is a super duper great pastry recipe that looks like it beats out any pop-tart that I definitely want to try out! 

Remember to always keep your flatbreads in the fridge or freezer! Fresh bread often doesn't last..and neither does flatbreads made with no or little preservatives, even if they can be found in the grocery store! If storing in the freezer, breads can last for months and only need about an hour to return to room temp!

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