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Keeping Kids' Hands Clean Has Never Been More Fun! #MBPWELLNESS21


Thanks to ONE FUN and Crazy Aaron for providing products for this post. All thoughts are my own.

What's the one thing that kids and parents have been doing more than anything else since this time last year? Nope- not binge-watching the latest Disney+ series or Netflix shows. Sanitizing hands, of course! Well, not just sanitizing... washing, drying, sanitizing... over and over again. It didn't take long for everyone in our family to cringe at the thought of washing hands or using sanitizer yet again, as we watched our skin start to dry and peel. Thankfully, a season of mostly staying home has helped quite a bit, and now handwashing at school or sanitizing when we walk in the door is like second nature.

It can still be a boring task, however, to constantly wash hands, clean soap messes left in bathroom sinks, and wonder which type of soap to try next. I don't know about your kids, but mine are opinionated, and always have something to say- even about the type of hand soap or sanitizer I buy for them.

Washing hands and sanitizing just became more fun for our whole family, thanks to a few fun products we got to try out from our friends at ONE FUN and Crazy Aaron's.

Washing hands is super fun with SPLATZ!

Bean couldn't wait to see what SPLATZ was all about and begged to use it right away!

Alli DiVincenzo, co-founder of ONE FUN and a mother herself, was struggling to get her son to wash his hands regularly. So she developed SPLATZ. 

SPLATZ, the first innovation from One Fun, are eco-friendly bubbles of pure hand soap that literally SPLAT! when kids squeeze them under water. Developed by an entrepreneurial designer (and MOM) and two Harvard/MIT scientists using a patent-pending formula and made in the USA with all-natural ingredients, these irresistible balls of fun change the way kids think about washing their hands.

Pull the stick upward to lift up the SPLATZ soap balls.

Each container of SPLATZ holds small, squishy balls filled with hand soap. Remember the bath beads your mom had back in the '80s and '90s? They're sort of like those, and man, did I use to love to play with those in the tub! These are natural, however, and perfectly safe for kiddos.

Keep away from the face, and squish or pop to release the soap. Wash, rinse, repeat next time for more good clean fun!

I have never seen my kids so excited to wash their hands! I didn't have to tell them to do it (three times or more), because they immediately wanted to wash with SPLATZ right after coming in from playing outside. If your kids love sensory play (think slime, play doh, anything squishy), they will absolutely love washing their hands with SPLATZ!

SPLATZ Features:

* Natural, bio-degradable ingredients
* Eco-friendly packaging
* Promotes healthy habits
* Developed by Harvard/MIT scientists
* Made in Massachusetts
* 8 oz. bottle =40 SPLATZ=40 washes

Crazy Aaron's color changing soaps and sanitizers are good, clean, and colorful fun for all!

Give children an extra reason to wash their hands! Created using HypercolorⓇ technology, this color-changing foam soap is a blast to use. Watch as it changes colors in your hands and then rinses a different color. It smells terrific, too! Available in Apple (Green), Strawberry (Magenta), and Berry (Blue) scents! Available now. MSRP: $6.00

These soaps are so much fun! The kids love keeping these soaps at their bathroom sink, so they can go in and easily wash hands at their leisure. It's such a fun washing experience for them, because the foaming soap changes colors from bottle to hands to when rinsed! Does your soap do that? I don't think I'll ever be able to get away with buying my kids any other brand of foaming hand soap after trying this! They're in love!

Sanitizing hands now comes whine-free, thanks to these cool color-changing hand sanitizers!

Encourage kids to sanitize their hands with this colorful creation from the mind of Crazy Aaron! Made from top-quality ingredients, this fresh gel changes color as the product is used so children can experience the wonder of three different colors in every bottle. Plus, the artistic designs add extra fun and whimsy to the healthy habit. Available in 4 designs; Dinosaurs, Mermaids, Outer Space, and Princess Castle. MSRP $5.00

We absolutely love these hand sanitizers for kids! The bottles feature such neat designs. My kids immediately went for their favorite colors- green for B, and purple for Bean. The gel actually changes colors while in use! Kids can watch the colors change as they sanitize their hands. No wonder the kids were both begging me to let them take these cool hand sanitizers with them to school!

Want them? Get them!

For squishy, clean fun, head to ONE FUN to check out SPLATZ!

Be sure to follow SPLATZ on FB and Insta!

Want to get colorful with your clean routine? Crazy Aaron has just what you need! Check out their colorful soaps and hand sanitizers, perfect for kiddos!

Don't forget to follow Crazy Aaron on Facebook and Insta.

You can find all of these fun products in our 2021 Wellness Guide right here on Mommy's Block Party.

Which of these products would your kids love to try? My kids can't get enough of these!


  1. These look so fun. Great way to get kids to wash their hands!

  2. These products are such a creative and cool way to encourage kids to wash their hands regularly!


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