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How to Keep the Kids Occupied on Rainy Days


With the holidays fast approaching, mums are hoping for a lot of sunshine so the kids can run around the park and enjoy some fresh air. Unfortunately, they can’t always count on the weather being good. Here are some ideas about how to keep the kids occupied on rainy days.


Take the kids down to the local library and let them have fun choosing their own books. Set a reading challenge and offer a prize if the book is read within a certain time. This will show them that reading can be fun and doesn’t have to be all about work. This is a big step in helping them develop a lifelong love of reading and learning, and their teachers will thank you for it when they return to school.


Kids love to learn, make and create. Teach them new skills such as knitting or weaving. Reallymaria.com can help you with all the supplies you need and they also offer online lessons. You can either help the kids if you are good at crafting or take the opportunity to learn a new skill with them. They will learn something new and also benefit from the time you have spent together.

Make an Indoor Camp

Younger children will love building an indoor camp and this does not need to be anything more elaborate than placing an old sheet over the dining table and putting some of their toy’s underneath. Older children might enjoy designing and building their own camp. Let them use their imagination to build the best one they can. If you have more than one child, this can be a great time to learn about team building with their siblings and it will give them something to do for most of the day.


Teach the kids to cook and they are set for life. Better still, they might decide to take over the kitchen from time to time and give you a break from preparing the evening meal. Cooking teaches the kids a lot of useful skills as well as preparing the food. They can practise reading by following a recipe or learn new maths skills as they weigh and measure the ingredients. This will also encourage them to eat as they have cooked for themselves, so this is great for fussy eaters.

Learn a Language

Learning a language can be a lot of fun and kids are now being encouraged to do this from a young age. Pick a language they are interested in and learn along with them. This can be especially helpful if you are planning a foreign holiday at some point in the future as they can pick up the basics of the language before they go.

Rainy days do not have to be all doom and gloom. Follow these simple tips to keep your kids occupied and save yourself a day of being told ‘I’m bored’ or trying to divert them from their computer games.

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