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How to Create the Ultimate Baby Shower Registry




Contrary to popular opinion, baby showers have been with us for centuries. Arguably, they go all the way back to the three wise men with gifts of incense, frankincense, and myrrh. The idea was and remains to offer gifts to new parents and their newborn. The world had probably not just gotten around to coining the phrase, 'baby shower'. 

Baby shower registries are set up to help your kith and kin buy you gifts that are more to your liking. They take the guesswork out of baby showers and allow loved ones to get you a gift without necessarily having to be physically present. Given the recent travel restrictions, registries are clearly a gift in themselves. 

This brings us to the question, how do you set up a great baby shower registry? Read on for tips. 

Make a List

There are two main parts to baby shopping. First, you would need to make a list of everything that you will need. This is a general list that you could build up over time and compare against those suggested on parent-centric forums like Babylic. The second part entails identifying actual product brands that you feel would be a good fit for your baby. This is especially important because the items on your baby shower registry need to be as specific as possible. 

The tricky part about choosing brands is that you can never really tell whether they are the best fit until you try them. More so if you are just coming into parenthood. Fortunately, however, you can lean on the wisdom of those in your circle that have kids and have sampled different products.

It may equally be helpful to examine product ingredients and rule out any products that have problematic additives. Take, for example, that you are comparing hand sanitizers. A great approach would be to visit the website of your preferred brand to learn more about the safety of their product.

Details Matter



It is said that for some, buying a crib is a lot like buying a wedding dress or a first car. There is an instant 'pull' when you see the right one. That said, as you choose items such as baby furniture or strollers consider the decor and size of your home. 

The goal here is to avoid buying a crib that would look completely out of place in the nursery you have. Worse still would be to register items like a stroller only to eventually get it and not be able to get it past your door. This is also common with car seats which can sometimes be incompatible with certain cars.

Consider taking measurements of your doorways and car backseat to find out what size of strollers and car seats would be ideal. In addition to this, you can visit guyabouthome.com for nursery decor tips as you navigate choosing a crib. This way you will be more certain about your registry picks.

Choose the Right Store

Every baby store carries its own curated list of baby product brands. In some instances, a store may even be limited to specific brands. This would be a fundamental factor to consider when choosing where to set up your baby shower registry. A store with a limited product offering would mean that your choices would equally be limited. Unless you can find everything you need, you may want to consider alternative stores with more variety.

Further, it would be prudent to consider that your loved ones all have different gift budgets. To accommodate this, aim for an affordable baby store. You could also opt for one that has a wide price range where everyone can find something to chip in for. Nonetheless, in either case, the quality of their products should be value for money.

Think Long Term

Here is a truth that does not get emphasized enough, babies grow relentlessly. Granted, this is something that all parents expect and hope for but it can be quite surprising. This is because they are likely to outgrow some clothing items before they ever wear them. Even more surprisingly the growth spurt is not only limited to clothing but to other items too.

With this in mind, as you choose clothing items for your gift registry, it would be best to think long term. Slightly larger outfits within the '6 months old' tag may be a safer bet than only getting '0-3 months' sizes. On car seats, where possible, consider designs that offer long-term value like an all-in-one infant car seat that can later transition into a booster seat.

Mommy Needs



One of the greater oversights of baby showers is that mothers get overlooked during gift-giving. Yet, mothers have a long list of their own postpartum needs. Admittedly, this is a gray area for most people as some feel gifts should be reserved for the child. However, if your friends and family would like to help keep you comfortable, it is fully acceptable to include some items for yourself in the registry list as well.

If you would like to implement this, you would need a baby store that has a section for both moms and babies. On the other hand, you could choose to have an alternative registry in a different store. Some items you could add to the list include a breast pump, back support pillows, and a breastfeeding pillow.


It is in good taste to buy as much as you can for you and the baby then leave only part of the list for the registry. Remember as well that receiving gifts requires as much grace as giving them. Be thankful for each gift wish that is fulfilled.

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