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Hack Your Way to Thousands of Twitter Followers with These 5 Tips


If you own a business or a company and want to improve its ability to reach more people, social media is one of the best ways to do this. These days most of the engagements are done on social media platforms. This is one of the reasons most institutions, businesses and companies all have social media pages where they do engage with their clients.

However, the impact that this kind of engagement can have has to do with the number of followers that such social media accounts have. As such after you gain Twitter followers, you should work harder to ensure your account is relevant and that your followers are adequately engaged for better results.

Why more people want to engage on Twitter

You will be surprised to know that millennials are some of the most active groups on Twitter and other social media platforms. You may also be interested to know that a new trend of social media influencers has become a good way to market businesses.

Here are ways to get thousands of Twitter followers:

1.     Optimize your Twitter profile

According to EarthWeb, this is one of the best ways to get more Twitter followers effortlessly. If your profile is incomplete and not optimized, you will not attract as many followers. Your Twitter profile must have a photo. For this reason, you should choose a Twitter photo that is suitable and appropriate for your brand or business. Your profile should draw attention and act as your brand icon.

2.     Engagement with your followers

Other than getting many followers, engagement with them will bring you more success. As such, you should not just focus on getting too many followers but also work more to engage them. This simply means that you should make content that is good for your marketing needs as well as keeping your fans occupied with your products and engagements. When you share your content with your followers, they will in turn share the same with their contacts. This will be a sort of an endorsement, and will essentially help you get more followers and more business.

3.     Stay active by creating regular Twitter routines

If you want to gain more followers, you should be regular in your Twitter engagements and routines. You can Tweet and retweet at least 7 times a day for you to gain more followers. If you do not tweet regularly, you may even end up losing followers. Curated content is one of the secrets to help you remain active longer. As such, you can send quotes and retweets at least 7 times a day. You should also Tweet your content 7 times or more daily.

4.     Schedule your Tweets

You should schedule your tweets in such a way that they will be seen by most of your followers. Remember that the less the visibility of the tweets, the less the engagement you will have. For this reason, you should time and schedule your tweets when more of your followers are online. This is something you will have known from your follower behaviors.

5.     Host a Twitter Chat

This is another way you can grow your Twitter community. This is an online conversation that you and your followers can hold about a certain Hashtag. This way, you can instantly get feedback about your business, what you need to do to improve it, and in effect get more followers.

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