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Grooming tips for your Afghan hound Dog

Afghan hound is an amazing dog specie and it is one of the elite and stylish dog breed. Due to its appearance and amazing hair coat it has gained popularity throughout the globe. 

They have always been a matter of pride for their owners and also to have such an amazing dog you need to take care of them, as their aloofness and dignity will not be enhanced until or unless you take care of them and groom them properly so that they are well maintained because they have long hair coat throughout their body, which needs to be maintained by their owner. In this article we will discuss about how to groom an afghan hound all the details regarding the grooming of the Afghan hound will be discussed.

Why to groom an Afghan hound?

As we know that the main reason for the popularity of the Afghan hound is the coat that is long and has silky hair. But that hair coat needs maintenance so that they stay in their best silky and thick form. For this you need clean, dust, brush and wash your Afghan hound. But first of all, make sure that the hound is healthy and you have good setup before proceeding.

You need to groom them properly so that there is no problem in their appearance and they appear elegant and amazing as they usually are. So that is the reason you need to groom an afghan hound properly.

Steps for grooming an Afghan hound

The steps involved in grooming an Afghan hound are easy to follow if right tools are used for it. So the following steps needs to be followed while grooming an Afghan hound:-

  1. To start with you need to bathe your Afghan hound for that place them in a tub or a bath

     (please be gentle when picking them up, restedpaws.co.uk stated that similar to other large breeds like retrievers, Afghan hounds suffer from hip dysplasia and this can be exacerbated when lifting or lowering them).
  2. and then wet their hair coat properly. You need to bathe your Afghan hound twice a week. 

  3. Do check the temperature of the water with which you are wetting your dog in order to ensure whether the dog is comfortable or not.

  4. After wetting the hair coat of the hound apply a little bit of shampoo in the downward motion so that the shampoo is applied properly on to their hair. Be careful while applying the shampoo and make sure that you do not let the shampoo enter the eyes of the hound as it can hurt your hound. 

  5. When you realise that you have applied the shampoo properly then wash off the shampoo properly from their hair and apply the conditioner in the same way like the shampoo and then wash off the conditioner properly from their hair.

  6. Now as we know that the coat is completely wet so in order to dry it squeeze the coat inside the bath before letting them out. 

  7. After taking the hound out of the bath make them stand on the towels and you need to place a towel that covers the back of the Afghan hound and slowly and gently squeeze the water from the hair coat of the Afghan hound. Never rub the hair of the hound as it tangles and makes the hair of the hound frizzy. 

  8. You can even do matting of the hair in order to remove the excessive water from the hair coat. If there are tangles in their try gently free them with your fingers.

  9. The hair should be tangle free before you have to brush and comb them so that brushing and combing becomes easy. You can also spray the tangles with de- matting lotion so that detangling becomes easy.

  10. Now you can easily brush the hair of the Afghan hound and dry them properly.

  11. After bathing the Afghan hound use oils for the hair coat f the hounds. You can use light oils for the silky coat and heavy oils for the cottony coats so that they become better and have proper shine and gloss and also so that they are nourished properly.

  12. Now do cut the nails of the hound for better hygiene with the help of the nail clippers and be careful while cutting the nails of the hound, do not hurt them.

  13. After this your dog is ready and well- groomed and you can now let them rest for some time and see how amazing they look after grooming.

  14. If your Afghan hound is a show off dog then groom them twice a week so that you can maintain better and they appear amazing every time and grooming in small intervals makes grooming routine quite easy for you and also for your Afghan hound.

Note: The products used for grooming the Afghan hound should be friendly to your dog and also they should not be irritating for your hound. You should be careful while choosing products for them so that the grooming becomes easy.

The steps that are given above are easy to follow and by following them you can groom your hound without hassle and also before grooming and bathing them, try to calm them and complete the whole process slowly and gently without hurting your Afghan hound. Do not hurry while grooming them it is a process that should be done in complete patience so that your dog do not panic while you are grooming them. 


The Afghan hound has a big hair coat that needs regular grooming in order to have a well maintained coat. The Afghan hound is also a show dog so you need to groom them properly so that they have thick glossy coat. The steps that need to be followed for the grooming of Afghan hound are easy and you need to worry about it. Also enjoy the bonding with your dog while grooming them as this will improve the understanding between you two. The Afghan hound needs lots of care because they have long hair coat and it can get tangled and matted if you do not wash them regularly and groom them. Also it is recommended that the products used for the Afghan hound should be skin and friendly to them and they do not cause any sort of irritation to them.


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