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Find Hero Dog: The Journey Home On Home Entertainment March 23 #Review #Giveaway


Thank you to Lionsgate for providing a copy of Hero Dog to review! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Hero Dog: The Journey Home is an inspiring tale about resiliency, family, and adventure. Never Fear the Dangers You Can't see with Chinook the Alaskan Malamute! Chinook and Royce Davis are on their way home to be greeted by family. Chinook has been away having adventures while Royce's children have been staying with their Aunt Susan while Royce has been away for work. 

An illness, a shipwreck, and lack of food soon drive Royce (Steve Byers) and Chinook on a journey through the wilderness to save the boat's captain, seek food, and return to their families. Brave children, Max and Erin, can only sit patiently for the father's rescue a short while before heading out into the wilderness themselves, confident that they will find their blind father. Each facing their journey, including Aunt Susan, left behind to field search and rescue questions, soon they trust that Chinook will rescue and guide them across the mountains safely, but not first without dealing with mountain lions, raging rivers, and lost supplies! Royce and his children had only heard about Chinook and didn't know his capabilities, but soon they discovered the loyalty this dog provided as Chinook guided them to each other and to safety. 

While this is a stand-alone movie, some might remember Chinook and Aunt Susan (Natasha Henstridge) in a 2013 TV movie named Against the Wild, where Chinook leads his owners out of the wilderness, so Chinook has plenty of experience helping out his family members and being the faithful best friend.. and guard dog! 

Watching their journey made me think of how often we take things for granted, just like being able to navigate life when something goes wrong. Relying on others for help is difficult, but even more so when then that someone else is a dog that doesn't speak human! 

The other thing that stuck out to me in this movie is how quickly we are to dismiss someone just because of their disabilities. Aunt Susan kept referring to Royce's blindness as an impediment, not thinking that he lost his sight when serving overseas. Royce has the characteristics and skills that will help him survive, but people have to believe that he will! 

Steve Byers (Royce Davis) finding his way with Chinook in lead. 

Chinook's character is entertaining too. His way of communicating, both with his voice and eyes (which of course, Royce couldn't see) amused me. His way of being patient, not giving up on his human (who he barely knows, by the way) is astounding. Chinook definitely lives up to his adventure story as he helped rescue Royce, and eventually the kids. 

The story of the kids is a typical plot: From defying adults, losing their supplies, bickering, and learning they need each other to survive, the children of Royce are passionate and fierce about their family and their lives. Even after finding their father, the son was still upset at the fact that he might have to move- despite just having navigated a wilderness to FIND his father. 

Morgan DiPietrantonio (Erin Davis and Zachary Arthur (Max Davis) learning how to work together to find their dad.. and survive the wilderness! 

Do you like stories about adventure, about dogs, and about family? Hero Dog: The Journey Home is definitely for you and yours then! I especially thought this story reminded us about the important things in life: family, safety, security, and blessings. 

This movie is PG, so I suggest that you screen it before showing it to your littles. While Chinook the Malamute is cute, the movie does have a wolf attack and other scenes showing harsh weather conditions, lost supplies, and medical needs. 

In all, even though Royce couldn't visually see, he learned to hear and listen, using his other senses to navigate life. He and his children learned that relying on others, not giving up, and be open to the journey helps when navigating life's challenges. Don't miss Hero Dog, The Journey Home and all of the adventures of the Davis family! 

Fast Facts:
Street Date: March 23, 2021
Type: Home Entertainment Premiere
Rating: PG (for some peril)
Genre: Adventure
Subtitles: English, SDH, Spanish
Feature Run Time: 90 minutes
DVD Format: 16X9 (1:78:1) Presentation
DVD Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
US M.S.R.P.: $14.99

Want it? Get it! 

Hero Dog: The Journey Home is available on DVD, On Demand, and Digital on March 23. You won't want to miss this amazing story about the rescue of Chinook and Royce from the Wilderness! 

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