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DYI Sunday-My Dog's Booster Seat- Part 1


When we adopted Thor 2 years ago, we promised to give him a good life.  I try very hard to make good on that promise, but sometimes I need to do more.  The park is not within walking distance from us and Thor does not like going in the car,  He gets nervous, shakes, and normally gets sick.  I recently saw there are little booster seats for dogs that allow them to be more secure in the car... the problem is they aren't made for dogs over 30 pounds and Thor is well over 30 pounds.  After a week of research, I am going to make it myself. Thor is going to be my co-pilot on the weekends so I can have a life that includes him instead of leaving him at home.  We are planning on many adventures.  

Thor sits like a human and doesn't like to lay down in the car.  This can be unsafe for any animal and also unsafe for me as a driver.  I want so much for us to pick up and go out but I don't want him to be fearful.  

I want something similar to this, but for big dogs, I can't find anything that allows him to be in the front or that will give him any kind of room to move.  Thor is not a large puppy. 30 pounds or less seems too far out of reach and I am tired of saying goodbye to him when I don't have to.  It looks like a trip to Kohl's and Michaels for me today.  I hope to have a finished product for you next week. 

What crazy stuff do you do for your pets?

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