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In the Old Testament section of the bible, there is a story about two brothers named Cain and Abel, offspring to Adam and Eve. They both tried to compete for the Lord's attention, and eventually Cain became jealous of his brother. Cain and Abel fight in a field, with the death of Abel the eventual result of the fight. In a conversation with the Lord, Cain is asked about Abel's whereabouts. Cain responds, "I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper?" (Genesis 4: 9). Cain's phrasing infers that he is not responsible for knowing about his brother's life and whereabouts or keeping track of him. 

I have a sister a year younger than myself and can certainly relate to this situation. We often were asked about each other all the way denying it was not our responsibility to take care of each other. For our troops overseas, it IS there responsibility to take care of each other and claim each other as brothers and sisters, in order that the mission be accomplished and that they live. 

My Brother's Keeper shares a poignant story between two friends that care for each other and how one continues to look out for the other, even after death. Premiering in theatres on March 19 and featuing Keshia Knight Pulliam (The Cosby Show), T.C. Stallings (War Room, A Question of Faith), Joey Lawrence (Melissa and Joey), and Robert Ri’chard (One on One), My Brother's Keeper shows the difficulty journey of War Veteran SFC Travis Fox as he is fights against his own spiritual, emotional, and mental war.  Showing how SFC Fox has lost his faith and finds his way back to God, this movie will grip the heart-strings of all. 

Yet, this movie also highlights the experiences of those at home. In some way, we all have lost our faith and try to make it on our own, rather than trusting that God will see us through. Drugs, Relationships, Anger, Resentment, Betrayal- these are all things that the movie highlights and more. 

The movie opens up with a emotional conversation between Fox (T.C. Stallings) and Preach (Joey Lawrence) regarding God's existence, faith, and war as they face another battle in Iraq. After 15 years and 6 deployments in, Fox still denies God's existence. Preach tries to convince him that God still exist. 
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Preach's statement "Am I my brother's keeper" is a perfect set-up for the rest of the movie, as his words stay with Fox throughout Fox's difficult journey ahead. 

Fox finds himself making his way home to settle affairs related to his parent's traffic car accident from years ago while dealing with the loss of his friend, and the anger he feels towards God. Viewers soon discover that Fox's PTSD from his 15 years of war is eating him alive- mentally, emotionally, and physically. We see his anger, his resistance to let others help him, and his insistence that he can do everything himself. 

Eventually, Fox opens up and admits his need for help, beginning his journey towards healing. 

In a heart wrenching testimony, Fox admits that he needs God, that he needs faith, and that he needs the help of others to move beyond his anger and frustration. 

The movie closes with Fox returning to the airport, dedicating his life to helping other soldiers find God's grace and hope. 

Written & produced by Ty Manns (also writer of A Question of Faith), war veteran and father to two active duty sons, My Brother's Keeper highlights the perils of spiritual warfare and PTSD that affect all those in service, including their families. While we know the stories and see the pain, many of us don't experience the anguish that these service members and their families feel upon return to the states.  Highlighting PTSD and the emotional turmoil that affects all us important and difficult. 

This movie highlights the disillusionment, lack of hope, and lack of trust that many feel when they return from war. Not only is Fox's story highlighted, but at one point we also see how other war veterans are left to fend on the streets, homeless and hungry. We also see how friendship, family, and relationships change, causing service people and their families to feel isolated and alone. 

My Brother's Keeper is an emotional story, gripping the hearts and faith of all who watch it, regardless of one's experience and relationship to those in active service. Whether you have family or friends in active service, this movie will cause you to reflect upon your own relationship with God and with those in your life. 

Are you trusting and serving God in the best ways that you can? Or are you struggling with your own demons (PTSD or other) that cause you to deny God's existence, trying to make it on your own?

Ultimately, My Brother's Keeper shows us that we can't make it on our own. In fact, Fox's friend, Preach, really was his brother's keeper- as memories of him surfaced at the most poignant times throughout Fox's journey. 

A word of warning to those who do suffer with PTSD or have felt the effects of losing loved ones to war, this movie will be hard to watch. It's emotional tale is built on hope and trust, but it still highlights the pain and anguish that many feel because of the sin that exists in this world. The effects of war are far-reaching and for many, will never be overcome. 

While I personally find many faith-based movies cheesy, as plots often are summed up into neat bows, in an hour and half, this movie is one that I encourage all church groups to watch. It's plot, while having a happy ending, does signify that the journey is not over. 

Fox leaves the movie knowing he still has a lot of work to do, for himself and other troops. I hope that this movie sparks passion deep within our faith communities to reach out and address the real serious issues our communities and families wrestle with on a daily basis. 

I encourage all of you to watch My Brother's Keeper. You will not only leave learning more about the effects war has on our veterans and active duty members, but you will also leave reflecting upon your own faith in God. You will leave pondering who is active and close to your heart, who you can trust, and who you can call on in times of help. 

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