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Breastfeeding Position Tips For Mom & Baby

 What’s The Best Way To Hold Baby?


Pampers offers some notable tips on breastfeeding in general, and it’s worthwhile to keep yourself appraised of what’s the prevailing wisdom. One area of nursing many mothers have questions about is how to hold the newborn when it’s feeding time.

Certainly you don’t want to hold the baby upside-down like a ninja. Also, it’s awkward holding them in a way that’s “vertical” the other direction. A lot of women tend to hold the child horizontally, but proper technique goes even more in-depth than that. Following we’ll explore a few considerations to help you most effectively position your child for feeding.

The Cradle Hold: One Of The Most Common

This is the “classic” position for breastfeeding. Essentially, you hold them in a way that positions them sideways. The head will be pointing toward either your left or right breast, the feet will be pointing the other direction, and you hold the baby close to you. Likely, there will be a slight angle to the hold as well.

The Cross-Cradle Hold

The cross-cradle hold puts the arm opposite the breast from which the child is nursing around the baby. The baby’s head should be supported with your hand, and their backside should be in the crook of your arm. With the other hand, support your breast. The body of the child will be turned inward. Latching problems suggest this position.

Football Nursing

The football hold is basically tucking your baby beneath one arm, kind of like you’re running down the field with the ball, aiming for a touchdown.

The baby’s back is supported with your arm, and their head is facing your breast. Large breasts or a C-section make this hold sensible. Mothers with twins also use a football hold so both infants can be nursed simultaneously. It can be good to sit down if you’re feeding twins.

The Lie-Down Option

Speaking of sitting, there’s nothing wrong with lying down, ether. With the lie-down hold, lie down, put the baby beside you, help your baby reach your nipple, and start nursing. Especially if you’re tired, this is a good feeding position.

Tips From The Experts

The following link provides consultative solutions for breastfeeding positions, and can help you with a little bit more in-depth examination of how best to breastfeed, and why.

These are primary holds, and though facetiously in this writing it was suggested you shouldn’t breastfeed a child in a strange position where they’re vertical or upside-down, sometimes your child won’t latch right unless you do something odd like that. Every mother and child are different.

Helping Your Baby Feed By Positioning Them For Success


Generally, if you’re going to feed your baby best, you want to assure they latch correctly, you’re producing the proper milk, and that you hold them in a way conducive to healthy nursing. It can take a little effort to get the hang of it. That said, there are a number of common holds which are advisable.

The lie down option, the football hold, the cross-cradle hold, and the cradle hold are the most common ways modern women tend to nurse. Which of these best fits your particular preferences as a mother, and the preferences of a child, may well differ.

The goal here is to stimulate healthy, regular latching that’s easy, and deigns toward a rhythm for you and your newborn. Working with the experts is helpful if you’re still having trouble. Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid help when you need it.

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