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Boost Their Easter with Educational Gifts from SimplyFun! #MBPEaster21


Thanks to SimplyFun for providing product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

Ah, Easter. It's just around the corner, and this year, as in years past, the Easter Bunny will surely make a trip down the lane and to our house to drop off a few goodies for the sweet little ones. Through the years, I've worked hard to change my Easter basket approach for and with my kids. Instead of filling baskets with candy, I tend to lean more toward useful products and educational toys or games. We're all much happier without the candy, and if I'm honest- we still have a stashed away basket of candy from Halloween.

Since my kiddos are growing up, not just any toys or games will do. When it comes to puzzles and books, we have a lot of them, so I like to look for fun, but out of the box gifts which will encourage them to use their imaginations, and their critical thinking skills, too!

That's exactly why I love SimplyFun so much. Since 2004, SimplyFun has been helping kids have fun while learning through play. In 2008, Simply Fun took it up a notch and focused not only on educational products which would help kids learn to play, but would help them thrive. What an amazing concept. As a mom, this is music to my ears.

Games for fun, and teaching life skills.

SimplyFun's products are twofold, giving kids fun toys and games, and giving parents the opportunity to watch their children develop new skills, literally transforming through play. While SimplyFun has their own amazing panel of Playologists, we were thrilled to be able to try out a couple of their games, each one age-appropriate for each child.

Games for 10+

10-year-old B looks through the directions to play TRIAGE.

What type of board game do you choose for a 10-year-old boy who loves all things Minecraft? As I thought through my son's 'likes,' I remembered his obsession with disasters... books, movies, all of it- he absolutely can't get enough of them. When I noticed the Triage game, which is based on rescuing citizens from havoc wreaked by natural disasters, I knew this was right up B's ally!

When disaster strikes, it's up to each player to implement a safety plan and rescue team! Every decision made leads to safety or doom. B loves the books where he can choose what happens next, and this game is very similar to that sort of concept. It did take a while to read through all of the directions, but B is a whiz with directions, so he was ready to play in no time. This game really tests one's ability to react quickly and safely. After we played this the first time, playing the game prompted my son to ask me about our family's emergency preparedness, and our home safety plans. Proud mom, indeed! Triage took about an hour to set up and play, and was deemed a 'winner' in my son's book.

Only you can get your citizens to safety from natural disasters. Your decision making, strategization and predicting skills will be put to the test as you decide how to mobilize your rescue crews.

Skills Focus :  Decision Making,  Strategy,  Predicting

Game Includes:
  • 12 Game Board Tiles
  • 100 People Pawns (20 of each color)
  • 5 Bus Pawns
  • 5 Car Pawns
  • 5 Helicopter Pawns
  • 1 Phase Board
  • 15 Impact Discs
  • 7 Double-Sided Level 1/Level 2
  • 7 Double-Sided Level 3/Level 4
  • 1 Double-Sided Level 5/Phase Marker
  • 1 Eight-Sided Die
  • 1 Rules Booklet

Games for Preschool and Beyond

Bean loves butterflies, and matching, so Watch My Wings was a perfect choice in games for her!

Young children love matching games, and this one goes above and beyond your typical $5.00 matching card game. Watch My Wings is a beautiful game for youngsters, encouraging matching skills of both colors and shapes. Using the spinner, look for matching butterfly wings on the provided cards. There are 55 cards in the game, so there are lots of cards for multiple players. Everyone plays at once, matching as many cards as they can... as fast as they can. While I always makes sure to help Bean understand that it isn't a race, she does enjoy the challenge of finding matching cards quickly.

This game can be played in just about ten minutes, making it perfect for little ones (and tired parents and caregivers). 

Can you find the butterflies with the matching wings? Spin to see what kind of match to make - a color or shape or both. Everyone at the same time searches the butterfly field to collect as many matching butterflies as they can, so act fast.

Skills Focus :  Matching,  Focus,  Self Control

Game Includes:
  • 55 Butterfly Tiles
  • 1 Flower Spinner
  • 1 Rules Booklet

Fun Buddies for the Whole Family

Kids of all ages will adore Tibbar Rabbit!

When I was a kid, I loved playing with puppets, and putting on puppet shows. SimplyFun's cute Tibbar Rabbit puppet is perfect for kids of all ages. One of many SimplyFun Buddies, Tibbar Rabbit is the original buddy. He's so soft and fun to play with or cuddle with. He's the perfect addition to this year's Easter basket for a special child in your life.

Both of my kiddos love playing with Tibbar!

The kids have already had some fun adventures with Tibbar, and have told me that they can't wait to put on puppet shows for their new baby brother or sister. I can't wait to hear their laughter, along with baby giggles!

Tibbar is soft, cuddly, loves to play all sorts of games and is the original SimplyFun Buddy. Pair up with this pal to play a wide variety of games. Or just keep him close by, whatever you do.

Skills Focus :  Imagination

Game Includes:
  • 16" tall puppet

SimplyFun has so many wonderful games for kids. I love that you can quickly search their site by age to find the perfect game for your child. These types of games make wonderful gifts for kids, and teachers- so don't forget about adding some fun educational games to your child's classroom, if the teacher will allow it.

Want them? Get them!

We can't get enough of SimplyFun's awesome games, and think you and your kiddos will love them, too!
Head on over to SimplyFun to poke around and search for games that will have your kids laughing and learning for years to come. Connect with SimplyFun on Facebook and Instagram.

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Which of SimplyFun's games would your kids love to play?

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