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Basic Tutorial on Shopping for Perfume

 If you find yourself scared to visit department stores because sales associates push perfume with intimidating tactics, you are not alone. You see rows of fragrances in glass displays, with someone spritzing the air with the latest scent. Feeling overwhelmed from all your senses being bombarded at once makes many want to throw in the towel and purchase cheap perfume from discount stores. Thankfully, with a little guidance, it does not have to be this way.

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Step 1 – Know Yourself

Perfumes are designed to accent who you are. Remember walking into your grandmother’s house. A scent invokes emotions and memories. Consider the following questions before shopping:

  1. What is your personality type?

  2. Where do you like to travel?

  3. What memories keep you happy? (smell of the ocean or flowers are grown outside your childhood home)

  4. What scents do you dislike?

  5. Have you tried fragrances in the past? (what did you like or dislike about them)

You can find online questionnaires that help direct you to fragrances based on your preferences.

Step 2 - Research 

Once you have an idea of what fragrances you like, you are ready to start researching different perfumes available. When you head to the store, you should have a list of blends you know you like. The goal is to narrow the number of options to make purchasing less time-consuming.


Step 3 – Dealing with the Associate

The number one reason people dislike shopping in department stores is the sales associates. Even if you choose to buy online, you will want to sample different fragrances. The associates need to know you are knowledgeable, or they push the products that offer them incentives. Remember, it is all about business. Therefore, when you walk up to the counter, be ready with a prepared statement. Let them know the following:

  • What style of scent you are looking for (floral, ocean, etc.)?

  • What intensity you want (bold, soft, etc.)?

  • What scents you know you like (specific flowers, etc.)?

Sales associates aim to please you and land a sale, so be sure you are honest with your responses. They love to discuss the products, so ask questions. Make sure you get as much information on perfumes you love and take notes on the fragrances in blends you dislike. As you shop, you will begin to train your nose to find the specific scents you enjoy.

Step 4 – Try Before You Buy

Once you have narrowed your preferences, you are ready to start sampling different perfume blends. The best method is to spray a small amount on your wrist and smell it. The scents you immediately notice are known as top notes. After five minutes, you can smell the middle notes. This process also allows you to see if you will have an allergic reaction to the smell or liquid. Finally, after you leave the store, you will know how long the scent lingers on your skin. Associates are used to people sampling and leaving, but it is still a nice gesture to inform them that you are still shopping.

Step 5 – Get Samples

While not all perfumes come with samples, many sales associates can make one for you. Label the cards with the scent on them so you remember throughout the day which one is which. Testers that you can take home allow you to wear them during your daily activities (including work meetings or post-exercising), but make sure you already have your eyes set on a specific fragrance. Employees are not in the habit of offering things to try. Therefore, be sure to ask nicely and include why you are wanting to try it out. If they offer you a sample of a newer product that they feel may be fit your preferences, take it, and try it out. You never know what wins you over.

Step 6 – Purchase Time

You have now determined which fragrance blends you love, and it is time to purchase. You have several options available, including going back to that department store that helped you out along the way. Online stores, like https://eliaparfum.com/, offer you the ability to purchase for yourself or easily send as a gift. Many locations offer discounts and specials, which is always a good idea if a scent is limited edition. If you are shopping online and do not see a promotional section, consider reaching out to their customer service and see if they have hidden deals. When shopping in person, make sure you take any extras they offer. Many high-end beauty stores create “swag bags” to go with a purchase that includes complimentary sample products.

Buying perfume does not have to be a daunting task, but you do have to be willing to put in the research. Treat any purchase as an investment and learning experience. You want to know your likes and dislikes to help narrow options down, but be willing to take opinions from others (including the sales associates). The freebies offered by any store (online or in-person) are their way to promote new products and bring customers back. The salespeople may seem overbearing, but they want to share their knowledge. Just like you love to share your passion with others, beauty consultants want to bring joy to others.

Just to recap –

  1. Research what scents draw your attention

  2. Take notes when you shop

  3. Know your dislikes to eliminate options

  4. Take time to really sample each scent, even if it means leaving and returning to the store later

  5. Always be considerate of the sales associate, but remember they are full of opinions (you do not have to agree)

  6. Always accept samples and freebies offered at any store

  7. Always ask for promotions or deals going on before checking out

When you follow these steps, you are sure to find a fragrance that fits your lifestyle. Enjoy the process instead of viewing it as a stressful endeavor.

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