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Today will be a beautiful day.  One of my closest friends is having her baby shower today.  It is amazing to me that 20 years after having my first baby she is embarking on the journey of motherhood with her first baby.

I have to say I got really emotional picking out baby gifts from her registry because I remember how supportive she was when I was pregnant.  Life comes full circle and after all these years, I am over the moon happy for her.  I have tried to think of advice to give her as a first time mom and I am at a loss because there is so much for her to know, but things have changed so much since E was born it is hard to know just what to say.

I decided to reflect on the best advice I was given as a new mom... yes even the unsolicited advice and pull from my experience to let her know that being a mom changes you, but it is only for the better.  I am sharing with all of you because no matter what stage of motherhood you are going through right now it is still pretty sound advice. 

Love yourself first- when you put your self care first it is easier to handle the lack of sleep, the hormones that will run amok in your system, and your baby will benefit from your well being.  They feed off of you emotionally and physically.  You are not a bad mom for doing this.

Your house doesn't have to be spotless. Kids make messes and sometimes you have to learn to ignore the mess.  Your home is lived in, not a museum.

Enjoy every minute because one day they will grow up and remember every little thing. Be present and let them be themselves they will only thank you for it later.

What advice did you get that you needed? What advice did you not need?

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