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Achieve A Flawless Professional Makeup Look At Home With Laruce Beauty Brush Sets

Thanks to Laruce for providing product for review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

One positive thing that happened in my life during 2020 and endless hours at home, is practicing the art of flawless makeup application.

Maybe flawless is a strong word. You know what? Flawless stands. I'm learning to build myself up and be a fan of me and my unique skills. One such skill that I've worked on during the pandemic is makeup application. This might not seem like much of a skill for some, but I've been working on this craft for two decades now and at 37 years old, I feel extremely confident in my ability to create a beautiful look!

While I am definitely a fan of drugstore products and will most likely never give them up, I've also been experimenting with higher end products and tools in the last year. In 2020, I discovered that I LOVE to watch makeup artists do tutorials, on YouTube. There is something therapeutic for me about the entire process. I'm always intrigued by the various products these gurus use and have been interested in trying out a higher end makeup brush set like the sets from Laruce

Are they worth the money? Will it make a different in my makeup application? So far, I have to say: YES to both questions. The price point may be a bit out of reach for some, but when you learn how to properly clean and care for your brushes, you'll soon realize that you will most likely not need a new set of brushes for years. 

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Brush Set Includes:

LR101 - Liner
LR117 - Angle Shading
LR119 - Shadow
LR 120 - Tapered Blending
LR133 - Lash & Brow
LR138 - Small Angle
LR165 - Lip
LR315 - Foundation
LR322 - Kabuki
LR333 - Fluff
LR334 - Angle Contour
LR342 - Contour Blending
LR350 - Duo Fibre
LR360 - Tapered Face

This is an amazing assortment of brushes! Our friends at Laruce were gracious enough to send over the "Rennie" set for me to check out. There is a brush for every single aspect of makeup application. You may discover a brush that you never even knew you needed. Sometimes, we find ourselves using one brush for multiple purposes but Laruce has a specific brush for your task!

Be kind! I wanted to share my "before" picture. I have applied skincare in this photo but no makeup just yet. Here is a picture of the primer and foundation combination that I have been using lately:

My favorite way to apply is to pump the product onto the back of my hand and use the kabuki brush to apply evenly all over my face! This next picture is my finished look, using all Laruce brushes:

I created this, "my face but better" makeup look and love how natural the application looks. I also plan to use more of the eye brushes for a dramatic eye look in the very near future! One of my favorite brushes is the small angle brush. I use this for eye liner and even my eyebrows. I love a full, natural brow and I'm thankful to have a good amount of eyebrow hair to work with. The smaller brushes are perfect for creating individual brush strokes to mimic actual hair. 

The word Laruce literally stands for: Loving All Racial backgrounds through Unity, Compassion and Empathy. This is such a beautiful mantra and one I can get behind and be excited about. Laruce wants to ignite feelings of confidence, excitement and passion and I definitely feel this way when I'm using an amazing beauty product like these brushes. 

Abby Brush Set $65

Laruce offers various makeup brush sets but they also allow for you to create your own brush set or buy brushes individually. This is a great option if you are currently using brushes that you love but need a new kabuki or concealer brush. Laurce has you covered. 

These brushes are unbelievably soft! They feel amazing against the most tender skin on my face and apply liquid and powder makeup like a dream. 

Want It? Get It!

If you're interested in checking out these amazing brushes and more, you can visit Laruce online and place an order. Make sure you stay connected with Laurce by visiting them on Facebook and Instagram as well. 

Have you checked out our amazing product guides?! Laruce is now featured in our Wellness Guide. Be on the lookout for more amazing brands and products to come in all of our current and future gift guides. 




  1. These brushes sound fantastic! I would love to get the Rennie Brush Set. I like that it come with a travel cup.

  2. These are really nice looking brushes!


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