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8 Photobook Ideas for the Family

 Every moment we spend with our family is something that builds our beautiful perception of life. From the moment you lay eyes on your firstborn to celebrating your grandparents' milestone birthdays to seeing your children graduate, we can't help but wish we can keep those memories forever.

And for that sole reason, photo books are born. One look at these tomes of visual stories and we're instantly taken back to the unforgettable chapters of our lives.

If you want to pay homage to your family's beautiful moments or just looking to weave your family photos into stories for future generations to come, photo books are the way to go. Gather the gang and your set of photographs as we list down eight photo book ideas you can make with the fam!

1. Year-end family photo book

Celebrate all the victories, memories, and adventures you had with your family during the year. Whether it's something small as your child getting a star for excellent work, or something huge as your partner being promoted at work, they all deserve to be in your year-in-review photo book.

To make it better, turn this into a yearly tradition for your family. Gather your little gang and collect as many photos of your best moments during the year. Your future selves will be thanking you for keeping the best moments of your family vividly alive.

2. The family in seasons

Every season offers the perfect opportunity for fun and exciting adventures and unforgettable memories. A family hike trip in spring, swimming excursion during the summer, pumpkin carving during the fall, and playing in the snow in winter. You'll never run out of activities and photo-ops for every season.  

We'll bet that while creating your seasonal photo book, you'll have plenty of photographs to fill more than one photo book! Every season will always be made special when a family is together, and a photo book will help you relive each moment. Head over to https://printedmemories.com/pages/holiday-photo-album and start creating a personalized seasonal photo book of your family!

3. Family adventures

Does your family love to travel? Have you got any photos of your trip lying around the house or your phones? If yes, then turn them into good memorabilia of your family adventures.

You can separate all your photos into a theme to make your photo books more aesthetic. For example, by country or by type of adventure. They'll make good coffee books for your living room! This is also a good gift idea if you have a child going to college or a family member going abroad.

4. Family tree

If you're feeling like doing a deeper family throwback, then it's time to dig up those old, worn-out family photos in the attic! Once you've gathered all photos, arrange them chronologically and include some short stories about each member. 

You can enlist the help of the elder ones in the family to help you sort out the photographs and the stories. We'll bet you're about to uncover some family secrets and amazing tales while creating your photo book!

Not only will you have a bonding moment with your grandparents (or great grandparents), but you're also creating the perfect family treasure you can pass down for generations to come.

5. The family pet(s)

Once a pet joins the family, they automatically become a member of the gang too. And, since we're listing photo book ideas for the family, it's only necessary to add an all-pets idea here. 

That, and we're just giving you an excuse to bring out the cutest and most entertaining photographs of your furry companions.

When the day comes that your beloved pet crosses the rainbow bridge, you'll have a great reminder of the love and memories they shared with you.

6. The kids' creative ventures

Nothing sets our heart as warm as a tropical country than seeing our kids' progress in developing their creative sides. Show your kids you admire their efforts by going above the artwork-in-fridge and an art-in-a-photo-book instead. 

Should your children decide to pursue an artistic profession someday, the photo book will be a good reminder of their creative journey and motivate them into pursuing their passion.

You can also make an online photo album of the kids' artworks so they and your relatives can enjoy them anytime they want.

7. Family recipe book

Do you have a ton of family recipes that you want to compile for later use? Or perhaps share with your future grandkids? Then get those recipes in line 'cause we are turning them into a photo book idea!

This could also double as a perfect opportunity to bring out your chef's hat and get creative in the kitchen. Your kids can act as your sous chefs, and your partner can take behind-the-scenes kitchen photos. There'll be plenty of mess, but those are what makes the best shots for your photo book!

8. A parent's dedication photo book

It never hurts to dedicate a storybook about your and your partner's journey into raising your family with hard work and love. Collect all photos of you and your partner as you build and raise your family through the years. It would make a good anniversary or father's day gift as well!

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