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5 Tips for Choosing a Diamond Ring

A marriage proposal is not an everyday event, and if you're getting ready for the same, you want to have something in your palm beforehand. It is a unique moment for you and your beloved, and you want everything to go well, because for obvious reasons. But, where do you start, perhaps, the engagement ring?

We explain below a few tips that can help you make this purchase the perfect one. One way to go about is to browse the most popular design styles within a specific budget.

Tip 1: Can You Tell the Difference Between a Wedding and an Engagement Ring?

Before you stride on to making a purchase, do you actually know the difference between these two? They largely associate with the same thing. In terms of their purchasing process and outside appearance, they are both different. For example, you are supposed to buy an engagement ring by yourself, but you must go with your partner to buy a wedding ring.

Then comes traditional wisdom where engagement rings must have a sparkling diamond, but wedding rings are simpler and smooth. This is because they represent a smooth life and transition ahead. So, you can try to experiment with things if you like, but learning a thing or two about the ways the world works, is also useful.

Tip 2: What Is a Better Choice as an Engagement Ring?

The best thing to go for is a solitaire ring because it draws all the attention to the diamond. That is the single diamond. But, as modernism is clinging on, people are also looking for shapes, beauty, and symbolic appearances. For example, engagement rings with 2 or 3 stones. But, what makes for a correct statement? Let us see how to choose the right diamond.

The right diamond for your engagement ring depends on several things. Most men go for a solitaire because it is classic and looks like a round ring and a round diamond for the sparkle on the top.

Because of the simple form, it is timeless and adds a lot of sparkles. It charms every woman, so to speak.

  • Use the global average of between 1.00 to 1.09 carats, because that is what is most popular. Learn that the higher the carat, the heavier the stone is, and the price shoots up as well.

  • Because the quality of diamond rings is measured by 4Cs, such as clarity, carat, color, and so on, focus on these things. For example, you should go for a diamond stone that measures around VS2 to SI1 on the lower side of the clarity scale and a G or H on that of the color scale. These values are starting scores, and you can always go higher.

  • Finally, the cut or the brilliance is what makes the value of a stone. 

Tip 3: Do You Know which Cut Is Better?

The sparkle of the diamond actually depends on the type of cut, although it is also subjective and does not affect the quality as such. Because of this, we talk about the sparkle of only larger diamonds. So, if your focus is on a diamond engagement ring, you might want some research. Of course, the most popular one is the round cut, because it gives the best brilliance and sparkle for the money. 

It turns out that a round cut has 57 facets, and they all reflect each other's light. But, the square or rectangular cut also looks very beautiful. Finally, the price of a polished diamond is generally lower and can serve as a budget purchase. It turns out, using common sense, that the lower the number of facets, the lesser the price, because of which you have some choice in it without sacrificing the quality of the stone.

Tip 4: Do You Prefer to Have Color in Your Stone?

There are a few tips regarding this as well because instead of colorless diamond, you can also go for a naturally occurring gemstone as the central piece. Because diamonds can also have natural pigmentation and are very rare too, but still exist. 

Once you go down the ladder and mix and match things, you can add metals and gold, and so on. For example, a gold and white metal combination is a very popular choice among the new generation.

Tip 5: Budget

There seems to be a rule that says one must not spend more than their 2 to 3 month's salary on a ring. Because of this, you have to decide on 4Cs based on the budget.  And, this is a personal choice that does not affect the quality of the stones.


You can reach the sky and beyond because there are overwhelming varieties and choices out there.  From lab-grown diamonds to mined ones, you can choose your preference in this content as well. But, the most popular trend is to keep it simple and classic like a solitaire.

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